Monday, February 14, 2011

It's A Long Road To Success

Roll back the clock, 4 years ago. I was getting ready to take my A'Levels and making a decision about which university to go to. My decision was more a case of which course rather than location because not one of my offers was for exactly the same course as another. In the end, I opted for a three language degree. The chance to pick up a third language to add to 2 I was already studying, the opportunity to spend 3 semesters abroad rather than just one academic year and the "prestige" of a triple major were all deciding factors. At the time I made my decision, it was also a unique course within the UK.

Oh how naive I was! I'm no into my final year of said triple major (French, German and Spanish) and boy is it tough. I'm now counting the days until the end of the academic year (118) and worse still it's stealing time from precious pastimes, blogging included. The most interesting thing I've done since I blogged about baking earlier in the week? Well probably coming home this weekend. I had an appointment at home, so decided to make the most having to spend about 9 hours travelling.

I didn't even bother to take pictures of the weekend. The guy and I indulged in what he lovingly refers to as a "blokey weekend". My choice I should add. First up- 3 rugby matches. Most importantly England Italy (we wiped the floor with the Italians winning 59-13) followed by curry and a beer and then some trashy television.

Now today is Valentines Day. An excuse for the soft at heart everywhere to be overly nice to each other and for people to think they have the right to demand expensive things from their other halves. So what did I do for Valentines- well a standard 7am start this morning- the Guy has a full time job, I had an 0830 appointment to be jabbed with sharp things by my Dr. Followed by an oh so romantic 4 hours on trains criss-crossing the North West. A brief interaction with the Guy- he got all sweet and chivalrous and wanted to make sure I'd made my way back safely and my day ends here, with a blog post to all you lovely people, to say sorry I'm so frustratingly boring right now. I haven't even worn anything worth posting about, now that's a boring week in my life.

Anybody else feel they can compete with the boredom stakes here? Anybody had an amazing exciting week that might liven up my day? Anybody?


Alex said...

I sat on the sofa with the cat tonight and read a book, then took the bins out - how rock and roll is my life?!

Hope all the needle jabbing wasn't too horrendous for you.

FoodPilgrims said...

Wow - although you're stressed, 3 languages! Well done to you, my best friend is having a tough enough time with two!
I've spent the day reading a library book and staring at computer that's excitement....
Great blog, I'm following :)
Beth @ Baking and Brogues

Unknown said...

i went to the elle style awards and off to london fashion week on friday x

Danni said...

'Fraid my weeks not as interesting as yours! Also came home from uni for reading week - not done much reading yet :P

Sounds like you're a bit snowed under with work atm, I know exactly how that feels- just keep counting down those days....we're nearly finished! :D