Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

The sun is shining. The ACTUAL sun. This makes me very happy, even if I have to watch the over optimistic freshers with their shorts, their cider and their stereos from my desk, whilst putting in the Spanish and German revision.

Jacket, H&M
Necklace, ASOS
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead T-Shirt, Topshop
Purple vest (not seen), Stradivarius
Jeans, H&M
This T-shirt is actually a night shirt. I bought it from Topshop back in September and decided that I liked it so much I wasn't prepared to restrict it to the bedroom. I thought it was appropriate for today, because when the sun comes out like this, I find myself wanting to do everything all at once, and not miss anything.  Life's too short.

I hope you all get a chance to enjoy the sun in one way, shape or form and don't work too hard!


Anonymous said...

Cute top, I wouldn't of guessed it's a night shirt! xxx

Alex said...

Love the tshirt/top/night shirt!

I've been stuck inside all day, gargh. Am determined to break free from the office tomorrow.

Unknown said...

Very nice gal! :) I get stuck inside at work all day, but its nice that it's actually light when I come home at night. Hooray for the lighter, spring/summer evenings! xx


you look nice and i couldnt agree more sleeping is for dead people .....Please check out my blog and don't be shy you can follow if you like it,


Ivonne said...

Love the saying on your top! :)
Ah, you're lucky! the sun is been meaning to come out here sometime, but it's still not quite there hehe we've been getting a bit of a mix of rain, cold air, and sun.

Rianna said...

cool top, too good to only wear at night!
Rianna xxxx

Thedreamsofanizzyinabigwildworld:) said...

Your so pretty, love the top, its really cool! I agree, how can that be restricted to nightclothes!?
Izzy x