Friday, March 25, 2011

Junkie Lust #5

I haven't done a Junkie Lust for a while, but my nude coloured flats are dying a death and so I should really set about finding some new ones. If I'm honest I don't want to have to ditch my current ones. They're comfy, and they're colour perfection, but they're also fabric which means they're actually not that practical for the spring, particularly being pale as they show every mark and splash.

Current front runners are these...

Lucy Ballerinas, ASOS £20

I like that these are not fabric, and although they're a little more pink than I'd like, they're the closest I've found to a good substitute. I feel a purchase coming on...

The other thing I like about ASOS shoes, is their sizing. They tend to come up a little larger than many other high street shops, which means a size 5 is a great fit for me, where a size 5 is usually just about fits, but could do with being a 5.5 from most shops.

I know lots of you have wish lists at the moment, but anything on those that you know you really need? Anybody else out there, like me having issues finding a replacement for something?


daisychain said...

those ballerinas are soo cute!

Alex said...

I'm not so much trying to find a direct replacement, but I need both plain black flats and plain black heels and can I find nice ones anywhere? No. Most frustrating.