Saturday, April 16, 2011

Food Fanatics

Clockwise from Top Left

Slow roasted cherry tomatoes in garlic olive oil

Remnants of the shared starter platter

More Remnants, we made short work!

The plate that has been demolished by Dad

Clockwise from Top Left

Scampi and Squid, shared by my Dad and I

Ploughman's also shared by Dad and I

The Nibbles starter pre-devastation-including sausages, slow roasted cherry tomatoes, spiced horseradish, hummus, smoked mackerel dip, beetroot pickle, cauliflower fritters, curry mayo and crisp breads

Ploughman's close up- Molasses smoked ham, Quails scotch egg, pork pie, Sandham's Lancashire cheese, picallili, chutney, pickled white cabbage and fresh bread
A round up of the main courses, clockwise from Top Left

Baked Omlette

Lancashire Cheese on Toast served with crispy streaky bacon

Scampi and Squid

My family are what you might call food fanatics. With 2 Master Chefs of Great Britain, former hotel owners, a hotel manager, and within that lot 2 sommeliers, a winner of 2 AA Rosettes, the man responsible for the winning of the Egon Ronay Cheese Board award and winners of the Sicilian services to food award. We don't map Europe (or the world for that matter) by country, language or culture but by food.

With visitors this weekend, thoughts turned to meals and lunch out was decided as the plan. We visited a local Gastro-pub type place, the owner of which is quite well known for his Michelin Starred restaurant in Lancashire. And the food was good. Although now, we're all in a food coma, wishing we'd eaten less, and wishing fervently that we weren't all quite so food obsessed that dinner for this evening is already semi-prepared and probably more food than any of us really need to be thinking about.

I wish I could say this was a one off, but only 2 short days ago, I had another foody day. Although this one had considerably less volume.

Prosciutto Salad with homemade garlic, mustard and lemon dressing

Mushrooms on toast with LOADS of black pepper
We had people in painting on Thursday, and because of this I was ousted from my usual work space at 8am sharp. My way of making up for this? Hauling my books downstairs and indulging in mushrooms on toast for breakfast, and getting at the prosciutto before my Dad did at lunchtime. Both meals almost made up for the early start and MOUNTAIN of revision I'm currently trying to get through.

Apologies for the food overload, and some of the pictures which were taken on my phone. Are you a foodie or would you rather be perusing the shops? Anyone else having major foods coma this week? Please say it's not just me...


Ivonne said...

Oh my. I don't think there is a possible way for me to explain how delicious all that food look :P hehe

x, I

Alex said...

Oh my GOD! That looks seriously good.

I've been a big fat pig this week. Started off with two meals out on Monday for my birthday and I just haven't stopped eating since.

Bee. said...

Sweet jesus, this is my kind of post! It all looks absolutely amazing. I am such a foodie. I spend my days watching food shows and eating my way through anything I can!

Maria Fallon said...

I love food and cooking so much, it's lovely when you find somewhere that makes really nice food! :)

Maria xxx

Unknown said...

Chloe, WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME!? Why would you do this to me when we've not been shopping and I'm waiting on some crappy fish fingers for my dinner.

That's it, I'm leaving....


Love you really :) xx

stuph said...

lolol, even the pics where everything is already gone look good...mmmmm!!!

thanks for following my blog :)