Monday, May 9, 2011

Dig, Dig, Dig Dig Dig

I know the "What's In Your Bag" posts have been done by many a blogger, but when taking pictures of my pretty new handbag, I couldn't resist having a proper look at what I had already shoved in there, despite only using it once. So here it is. A quick dig through my handbag...

Alicia Cross Body Bag, Nica

Top Row L-R

My iPod.
I love the classic because it has enough capacity to hold my 2500 songs but also 7 series of Spooks, so I can watch them on the move. I also could not exercise without my own music to keep me going, and I walk from halls to uni (about 15 mins each way) approximately 8-10 times a week so my iPod is almost always somewhere in whichever handbag I'm carrying.

Probably fake Valentino, but big enough to hold change, receipts, cards, business cards, bits of paper I seem to end up with, coffee shop loyalty cards and all kinds of other rubbish that inevitably ends up there. I need to look for a new purse as this one is on it's last legs and is really just a bit too big.

Make Up Bag
Usually containing a miniature perfume, my Bare Minerals compact, lip balm, odd brushes or bits of make-up and plasters. Not really that exciting. the bag itself is just a Primark special and is precisely right in size for me.

Second Row L-R

Address Book
Yes I still use an old fashioned paper address book. Having lost information at the hands of malfunctioning technology too many times, I like to have a back up. In my bag on this day as I'd been to the post office to post a few things.

I'm rarely seen without my BlackBerry, I like having my Twitter account, e-mails, Facebook and things like GoogleMaps at my finger tips and I love BBM. Without it, The Guy and I would not be able to talk as much as we do because I'm the only one of us with unlimited texts but we both have unlimited data allowances.

Student Cards
Some people have a charm or a keyring or a cuddly toy that lives in their handbag, I have my student cards from all the unis I've studied at. I have my UK one in my purse but these ones are from Leipzig, Valencia and Toulouse. Strange, I know. But I like to have them about me somewhere. They remind where I've been and what I working for I suppose.

I can tell my handbag is new, it has just one pen in it. Give me a week and there'll be at least 2 more and a pencil floating in there somewhere. They migrate to my handbag from my pencil case, the mug on my desk or other handbags.

Hair Ties.
I buy these by the hundred from Primark, because my hair is long I often need to pull it back during the day or when doing something, and they just seem to magically disappear...

Post Office and Morrisons. Like most people, they collect in my purse and bag from all sorts of things. Again I can tell this is a new bag because there are no train tickets accompanying receipts. There's almost always at least one in my bag from one trip or another, as I usually end up with multiple tickets for one trip with changes.

So there you go. A quick dig through what's in my bag. Not the most exciting contents in the world, but I always think looking into somebody's handbag is is like looking into a little bit of their personal world. People keep all sorts of things in their bags and I'm super nosey and love seeing what you all have in your bags.



Cherry said...

I can't believe how little you keep in your bag! Mine is full of rubbish!

daisychain said...

you are SO organised!

Ivonne said...

Your new bag is cute :) I always enjoy reading "what's in your bag?" posts (I'm nosy like that hehe)

I like how you keep your bag very organized and only carry around the important stuff. Other people carry their whole life in theirs hehe

x, I

Anonymous said...

I love these types of posts. I've wanted to do one for ages.l

I accumulate pens in my bag, too! And highlighters, and pencils, and receipts, and papers....uhhhhhhhh

Sienna said...

haha you are so organised! i need to take lessons...

Elodie said...

I also did a what's in my bag. From what it looks, it seems like every girl carries the same things around! Haha!