Thursday, June 2, 2011

The End

So after much studying, whinging, blood, sweat a few tears, and many, many countdowns. This is it. As this goes live, I'll be coming out of my final exam- 8 down, 0 to go. This is also the last day I have to gloat that The Guy is older than me. Tomorrow I'll be waking up both 22 and a graduate.

To say it's been an eventful 4 years, doesn't even begin to cover it. Want to see...?

Kelly, Britta, Gwen, Dev and I
In year 1, well we partied hard. I'm glad we partied like we did in our first year, because although we worked hard, it was nothing compared to years 2 and 4.

In year 1 I met a lot of people. Some of them are no longer on the course- both Britta and Kelly from the above photo decided on other things. But the some of the few friends I'll be taking away from uni are people I got to know in the very first year.

From L-R
Mel, Emily, Dev, Britta, Geoff, Gaz, Moi
Year 2 was a funny year. For me it was a year of 2 distinct halves. I started off the year herE at my home uni in the winter. Partying significantly less because the workload stepped up a gear in particular for those of us studying three languages because we had all our January exams to sit in December before leaving for our first stint abroad.

For me, that was Toulouse. It should have been fabulous. Instead the university looked a bit like this.

Toulouse Le Mirail.
I ended up at one of the most militant universities in France amidst some of the biggest educational strikes in the last 10 years. 9 classes, 4 months, 2000 euros of rent and a whole lot of heart ache later, I gave up on France and decided to try and stay positive for my Erasmus year and the next stint abroad.

Leipzig Christmas Market
Another year of halves, my third year kicked of in Leipzig. I was super excited for Germany and it did not disappoint. I had the time of my life in Germany, despite living in a dodgy area and temperatures dropping to -18C. Highlights include being in the city as part of a crowd of 100 000 celebrating 20 years since the peaceful revolution and the Christmas Market with it's many tasty delights and amazing decorations.

Las Fallas de Calle Mistral
Onto Spain. The third and final stop on the Euro-Tour and the end of my penultimate year of Uni. I was fortunate to be in the city for Las Fallas- a yearly festival which sees huge, colourful and really weird scenes built on a huge scale all over the city. The scenes are then burnt at the end of the week. Oh and there are fireworks, during the day, all week. Only in Spain...

Sunset over the Irish Sea
This year, fourth and final has been a lot of ups and downs. Quite literally in fact, there have been a lot of trips backwards and forwards from home to uni and back again, several fabulous trips to London and a whole lot of hard work. I have never been happier to call the people I do my friends, because they really are the ones to have stayed around. I've learned a lot about my own limits this year and I also learned a lot about letting go and letting people in.

Tomorrow brings with it our final results and overall classifications of our degree. It also brings with it the end of massive part of my life. I can honestly say I'm ready to leave education. To The Boys who graduate with me, well done. We made it. Onwards and upwards. To the 18 year old Chloe who wasn't completely sure she was doing the right thing, but couldn't come up with a better idea- what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. And to everybody else coming to the end of their degrees- congratulations and raise a glass to yourselves.


Bee. said...

Congrats sweetie. It looks like it's been a busy four years! An awesome time was had by the looks of things (:

daisychain said...

congratulations! xo

Alex said...

Well done lovely! It's such a weird feeling finishing uni - I was desperate to get all my exams out of the way but then having to move onto the real world was distinctly unnerving.

What's next for you?

Oh and happy birthday for tomorrow! (I have read that sentence right, haven't I? I'll feel most silly if it's not your birthday at all...) Hope you have a wonderful day.

Winnie said...

Oh wow, what a journey for you! I loved this post and now I wish I had done something similar when I finished my BA degree a few years ago! Good luck with the results...but have fun relaxing and forgetting about education!!

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

Congratulations lovely! The majority looks amazing. x hivenn

Maria Fallon said...

Congratulations! It looks like you have had an amazing 4 years :)

Maria xxx

Emma said...

congrats and i hope the next chapter is just as lovely for you xo

Sienna said...

congrats sweety!!!!! lovely pics too

Unknown said...

Ahh missus, Im only just catching up on your posts - so sorry I missed your bday! :( I hope you had a wonderful time. This was a heartwarming post to read. Sounds like your years at uni have been a bit of a rollercoaster ride. Congratulations on battering through it all with your head held high :) heres to graduation day! xx

Ivonne said...

Congrats! For one second if feels like school is never coming to an end, and before you know it's over. Hope you four years were amazing. Good luck in the next chapter of your life! :)

x, I

Eloise said...

Congrats, this was me last year!

The Cat Hag said...

This post is amazing, congrats sweetie on your graduation!!!!!!!

Gosh it was so lovely to read through your experiences, I am glad you made it through them and let them define the person you are now. :)

The Cat Hag

Olivia said...

Wow what an incredible few years! Certainly sounds more evntful than my life at uni has been! Got say though, im glad its all over now arent you? :) x

Filipa said...

Ah Chloe, this post made me all warm and fuzzy inside :P I have also just finished my degree and moved from my uni house into a big empty house all to myself, and although it's nice not to have million dirty dishes and weird people sleeping on the sofa each day, I will certainly miss the busy and lively atmosphere of our house! It's funny how we always remember just the good times once it's all over, right/ :P

Temporary:Secretary said...

Congratulations! :) x