Thursday, July 7, 2011

24 Little Hours

1 Day. My life. Pictures of.

Simple really....

0800  Rocket Fuel Coffee- the best way to start the day

0930 At my desk. I spend a lot of time using this...

1030 Typing never looked so good...

Ring, Temporary Secretary

1130 Monty hasn't moved from his bed since we arrived. Not altogether unusual. It's a dog's life.

1330 My ever expanding key bunch. Time to head home for lunch.

1400 Mint Choc Chip Cakes. Afternoon pick me up. 

1630 Home for the day

Bag, Sasha London
Cardigan H&M

1730 Threatening Rain

1900 Time to find something edible. Nothing like dancing about the kitchen whilst cooking.

2030 And then the rain came down...
2100 Home alone and relaxing on the sofa.
2200 Showered and wrapped up in my hoodie and ready to curl up with an audiobook in bed.
Thank you and goodnight.

Inspired by the amazing  Paula of Pink Bow


For those of you professing your love for Monty, he's loving all the attention! He pulled a muscle in his leg and the vet has given him anti-inflammatory pills and instructions to rest more.

Thanks also for all those who wished me well too- getting there, slowly.


Anonymous said...

Lovely pics - and Monty looks super cute :0 x

PinkBow said...

I do love these posts :-)

Maria Fallon said...

I love these kind of posts, looks like a busy but fun day!

Maria xxx

Leanne Cornelius said...

I love this post x

Sienna said...

this post is cute. i love your ring, and iw ish it were raining here!

Ivonne said...

What a neat little way of showing how your day went. Your dog is such a cutie! :)

x, I

minnja said...

Beautiful pics :)

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