Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Candy Man Can

Dress, H&M
Cardigan, H&M
Ring on left, Local Jewelller, Ring on Right, Unknown

This dress has been a late revelation. At a mere £9.99 from H&M back in the midst of winter, I thought it was going to be too low to wear without something underneath it but when I pulled it on having mistaken it for something else in the wardrobe, it seems just fine on it's own. Hello easy-to-wear summer office staple.

Shoes, Primark
Ring, Unknown
I love a candy stripe, and for a girl who is generally known as "one of the lads" this liking for pink is probably a bit sugary...

Now onto the ring. You know that feeling. When you look at your jewellery (not the "proper stuff" just the everyday bits) and you realised that there's far too much of it. And some of it's broken and you'll never quite get round to "...just reattaching this bit..." and it's not organised by type, colour, occasion or anything else, and you know you've got to tidy it, organise it, and get rid of some of the bits that are knackered. Yeah, that. At the weekend I went through *that* cupboard, and as well as clearing out all my out of date contact lens solution and other such glamorous tasks, I did indeed tackle my jewellery. Cue several discoveries, things I'd *lost*, things I'd forgotten about, things I couldn't remember where I found them and this ring is one of those things. I'm pretty sure it's not from a highstreet store as it's hand painted, and I'm also pretty sure it's not from one of my trips abroad- I think it's older than that. Otherwise, I'm drawing a complete blank.

In other news, I have an interview!


I'm beyond pleased because it's for a virtually ideal position and a job I really desperately want. The only slight snag  is that I need to find something to wear, so am planning to head into a London the weekend before my interview on the Monday in order to find something suitable. Any tips on the best places to look for smart simple dresses that are not obscene in length or neckline? I was thinking of heading to Westfield, given I'll have a good excuse! 



Charlotte Sparkle said...

Nice outfit, love the dress and shoes. Good look with your interview too, hope you find something perfect to wear at the weekend.

daisychain said...

that ring reminds me of retro paper bags x

Lauren said...

Nice outift, especially the ring xx

Alex said...

It's not a place I ever remember to shop in myself but Zara always looks good for classic dresses that would be interview-appropriate.

I have that H&M dress too! Two in fact - one in thin stripes and one in plain black.

Maria Fallon said...

YAY! GOOD LUCK :D Next is good for office wear and good old M&S too :)

Maria xxx

Cat said...

YES! Chloe you absolute babe! congratulations on the interview :) as for finding something to wear, i recently landed my dream job in a dress from marks and spencers limited collection, maybe look there? xxx

Ivonne said...

Lovely outfit Chloe!

I know what you mean. I've yet to go through ALL of my drawer and organize it hehe
Your ring is really cute! I remember I use to have one like it a long time ago

Aw, congrats on landing the interview! I'm sure you'll do well, good luck!

x, I

Samantha Lui said...

Congrats on landing the job interview!! (considering that jobs are hard to find these days...)

And the dress is really nice and simple! Especially for the cheap price.

Anyways, simple dresses can often be found at Zara or H&M for an affordable price.

Good luck!!


Cherry said...

Good luck in the interview!

Anonymous said...

I love your dress !

Klaudia B.

Sienna said...

first, i love your hair color, its so gorgeous.
second, congrats on your interview!!!!!
do a post on london!!

KLEE said...

good luck for the interview lady! you'll be great i'm sure :) love the ring so adorable x

Piksty said...

Hey that's a cute outfit your wearing.

Piksty :-)

Rebecca Smith said...

Wow, I love the dress! Been looking in all my nearby H+M's and online for one the same recently, and its always out of stock :( xo