Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Chloe Likes To Eat

Since I seem to talk about, take pictures of, post about food so frequently, I thought I'd better start something dedicated to the food I've been eating or loving of late. And to start this feature-ette off, dinner with my parents pre-graduation.

Amuse Bouche- Tomato and Red Pepper soup.
It never fails to amaze me how often soup is badly done, but this was full of flavour without being too overpowering towards either ingredient, a good thick consistency but still liquid.

Scallops with Black pudding (made in-house) and fried Quails Egg
My Dad's starter. Judging by his cleared plate, it was tasty. Well present and not a ridiculous portion. When eating a 2+ course dinner, I think portions should be this kind of size- enough to taste and enjoy, but without being too over facing or creating the need to sacrifice a course later on.

Goats Cheese Mousse with Figs and Parmesan crisp
Whilst tasty, this wasn't quite what I was expecting. The Mousse was more of a cream and the crisp had a sharper more cheddar like flavour to it. It was still tasty though, and the figs were sticky but not too sweet.
Palette Cleanser
Raspberry Sorbet with crushed meringue.
A bit sweet for a palette cleanser in my humble opinion, but well presented and tasty.
Main Course 1
Chicken breast with chicken and pancetta ravioli and smoked pancetta sauce, sauteed mushrooms and dauphinoise potato

Main Course 2
Rump and Shoulder of Lamb with fondant potato, confit shallot and braised savoy cabbage
Main Course 3 (MINE)
Tender loin and crispy belly of pork with red wine jus, garlic mashed potato, carrot puree and red cabbage
The belly pork was amazing, soft, slightly crunchy on the outside and full of flavour. the tender loin was a little over cooked for my liking, but not indelibly so. The portion was also a little on the large side for my taste, but nicely presented and a very enjoyable main.
My dessert, Chocolate Tasting Plate

Chocolate Fondant, Milk Chocolate Ice Cream and White Chocolate Mousse
The ice cream was the show stealer for me, not too sweet but without the bitterness that puts me off dark chocolate and not  too solid or under set either. The fondant was good, the chocolate mousse was a bit over powering and needed a sharp coulis to cut through it, I wasn't able to finish it because it was so sweet.

The Fondant

The Mousse

All in all, a pretty good meal, a very nice way to spend the evening with my parents pre-graduation.

I'm hoping to make Chloe Likes To Eat a regular feature, and it will not just be restaurant food, but anything and everything that I happened to have eaten recently, that I've really loved or maybe really loathed. What do you think? Want to see more food here at CLTT? And if there's something particularly you'd like to see on Chloe Likes To Eat, let me know. In the mean time, head over to the Queen of Snacking, A Daisy Chain Dream, as she's hoping to host a snack-swap soon... food swaps can only mean good things!



Etta said...

The presentation is amazing! Where is this restaurant it looks lush. I would love to see more of this feature - great idea!

Sienna said...

haha i love this post. sienna likes to eat too! that fondant looks amazing...i want it

Rachel said...

Mmmmmmm...huh..wha-? Oh sorry, I was a little distracted by all this freakin' amazing-looking food! Wow. I wish I could eat this every day x

P.s I thought I was already following but apparently not! This has now been rectified :)

Alex said...

Oh I'm always happy to look at pictures of gorgeous food!

Which restaurant was it from? Those main courses look utterly delicious.

Maria Fallon said...

YUMMMMMMMMY I love looking at pictures of food! I post far too many on my blog and twitter :P

Maria xxx

Bee. said...

THE definition of food porn! I'm gunna love this feature.

Lauren said...

So hungry now! This food looks amazing xx