Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dixie Chick

My love of Nica is relatively well documented (see here and here for evidence) but it was a sudden and distressing to surprise to me, to realise that I had failed to show you, in any detail, this Dixie Cross Body bag that I bought in January. Without further ado....
T-shirt, ASOS
Jersey Harems, Matalan,
Cardigan, H&M
Dixie Cross Body, Nica
Rather lovely, is it not? It's also deceptively large. It doesn't look or feel oversized but I can in fact fit an awful lot in it. And as evidence of that, I thought I'd do another "what's in my bag?" for you, in particular for those who praised my ability not to carry too much junk around- it was a new handbag, this one isn't.

Top Row from L-R
Miniature Insolence by Guerlain perfume
Exam notes from my French oral last month- they seem to keep turning up everywhere!
Pen and Pencil
Small make-up bag, Primark
Bare Minerals travel brush
Travel Pass/Business Card Holder, H&M
Headphones, Philips & Swarovski

2nd Row From L-R
2 half used packs of painkillers
Train ticket- from home to Bangor from the trip I had to do mid-way through my exams for a last minute hopsital appointment
AA Rechargable Batteries, Energiser
Purse, New Look
Notes on a system I use at work
Letter of interest that I received earlier in the day

Bottom Row From L-R
Strawberry Lipsalve, Boots
Lipfinity Liptint, Maxfactor
Oh-so-glamorous poo-bags

The contents of my bag, and a few closer details

As with my other purchases from Nica, I've been really rather enamoured with this one. The size, the number of pockets- that's one large pouch-y one of the front, a zip one on the front, a small envelope style one on the front, a zip one inside and one of those little ones designed for a phone (although my keys usually end up in it), it also has a rather lovely lining and the strap is adjustable. Oh and did I mention, it's pretty!

Missing from the bag, 2 things you might have expected- phone and keys. I do, in fact carry both, but they weren't in their because I've taken to keeping them in my hand, and so they were missed from the shoot.

Whilst I was at it, I thought I'd have a rifle through and see what's ended up in the small make-up bag I carry around, as I've had a few trips of late....

Top Row L-R
Bare Minerals Travel Brush
Lipfinity Liptint, Maxfactor
Lipsalve, Boots
Mascara, Bare Minerals

Second Row L-R
Blusher in Dandelion, Benefit
Prime Time Brightening Eye Primer, Bare Minerals
Bare Minerals Compact

Third Row L-R
Eyelash Curlers, Mercadona (Spain)
Concealer Brush, Bare Minerals
Perfume Miniatures, Guerlain Insolence and DKNY Be Delicious
Full Coverage Kabuki Brush, Bare Minerals
Make-Up Bag, Primark.

A few things floating around in there that I'd forgotten about- not entirely sure why the eye primer is in there, although it can work well as a highlighter if you're stuck without one. The eyelash curlers and miniature mascara have both ended up being permanent fixtures, despite me never applying more mascara during the day, as I've recently done a brief weekend trip.

Clockwise from Top Left
Kabuki Brush, Bare Minerals- these come in all the starter kits and are quite useful to have in a bag for use with my compact.
Full contents
Blusher, Benefit and Primer, Bare Minerals
Kabuki as above
Bare Minerals refillable travel brush. Infinitely useful. I currently have blusher in it. It dispenses whatever you load it with through a brush but the brush can also be use without releasing more product. Genius!
From L-R Bare Minerals travel brush, Maxfactor Liptint, Boots Lipsalve and Bare Minerals Mascara miniature
So there you have it. The rundown of what ends up in my bag when it's not brand spanking new and what ends up in my make-up bag after a holiday, a weekend away, a few days in the office and a couple of appointments.

And I'll leave you with shoes. These were also a January purchase, but I didn't end up wearing them in properly, then I brought them home at Easter, and rediscovered my love for their waterproof goodness as the rain has set in this week. A complete bargain too ....

Ballet Flats, £1.50 yes ONE POUND and FIFTY PENCE, ASDA

Pssst I know I said I'd have something exciting to show you last week, well it experienced a delay. I got word that it arrived yesterday so I can't wait to show you next week.


Sienna said...

that bag is really cute, and those flats, oh my, they are BEYOOOOND. need green flats now.

and i cant wait for your something exciting!!! :)

daisychain said...

Oh wow, those shoes were such a bargain! They remind me of an old favourite pair

Alex said...

£1.50?! Shut up! They're so nice.

It's astonishing how much we all lug around with us, isn't it? I force myself to turf out my bags every now and then and they're always so crammed with random stuff that really does have no place in there.

Maria Fallon said...

You look lovely and the bag is fab! I fill whatever size bag I have, up so I try to buy smaller bags! :P

Maria xxx

Flo said...

great outfit , casual yet chic

your newest follower

The Cat Hag said...

Hey Love,

Glad to see you have recovered from your bout of flu. :)

Your parents' doggie is so cute hehe, I like how you described his zany ways!

Love the bag, it does seem to fit a crazy amount of things inside.

The Cat Hag

The Mad Twins said...

I adore your bag! It is so lovely, also your shoes are very cute!
xxx Paris