Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sickly Dog, Sickly Me

Despite feeling rough as, A quickie outfit post for you. I didn't think I was doing too badly considering I'm snivelling like the best of them and have a headache to rival the bassline at Ministry.

Ok, ok more a mini outfit and some shoes

T-shirt, H&M
Glasses, Prada,
Ring (just seen, left) Temporary Secretary
Shoes, Primark
Socks (just seen), Matalan
This t-shirt may join the ASOS Breton style striped tee as an easy favourite. I love it and it was more than worth £7.99, H&M I ♥ U! I have also decided that my shoes need to start making more of an appearance. These ones are from last year but I love them as the tan colour basically goes with everything. They have the added bonus of being water proof with their imitation leather. I do absolutely have to wear some kind of sock with them though, as said imitation leather makes my feet hot. My favourite ones are from Matalan. I've tried these small socks designed for ballet flats from Primark and from Tesco, but I love these lacy ones from Matalan as they seem to be the best fit and if they can be seen, the lace is a bit more interesting than cotton. Oh and they come in black as well as nude and are only £2-3 for a pack of 2.

Unfortunately it's not just me feeling rough. This is Monty. He's my parents' Cocker Spaniel and I'm currently dog-sitting. He's limping badly and I'm off to the vets with him very soon. Despite getting on a bit (for a spaniel) he still throws himself around and off steps and is generally a bit mad, so I think he maybe just landed funny when he was running away from a fly (!!) yesterday. He's gotten worse over night, so here's hoping he doesn't need too much prodding, poking or treatment.

Monty, the sickly dog.

Monty feel a bit sorry for himself

One of the benefits of my job, is that on days like today I can work from home. I'm dosing myself up on my favourite miracle drug Contac 400 and listening to an audiobook as I'm logged onto my PC and keeping an eye on things from afar.

Contac 400
Contac 400 is cold and flu remedy. It isn't and nor does it claim to be a cold cure, but it really helps stem the snivelling and de-fuzz the brain enough to get you through the day. You can buy them for a similar price to many cold/flu drugs from chemists. My best recommendation, particularly if you have to work through when you're fully of snotty cold.

I'm also drowning myself with as much water as I can stand to drink, and I can't help thinking the bottle is having a snide dig at me....

No, I don't feel like jumping for joy. Go. AWAY.
Anyway, enough feeling sorry for myself, the dog is doing more than enough of that for the both of us. Wish me luck at the vets and let me know if you have any miracle cold drugs/remedies or recommendations for me.


Temporary:Secretary said...

Monty is gorgeous!! I'm in love!
Get well soon, Chlo!

I think i might've told you already - but we added your link to our Blogs We Love page, which is on our Press Blog (http://tempsecpress.blogspot.com/) we hope this is ok. xxxx

daisychain said...

I hope you both feel better soon x

Sienna said...

i hope both of you feel better darling! your shoes are adorbs though, so thats the good thing :)

Lucy said...

Monty is adorable haha.
And your glasses are really cute.


Samantha Lui said...

Get well soon!!

And those shoes are cute! I love the detailing!

Oh, and Monty is a beaut!!

Jo - Lost in the Haze said...

Your shoes are divine - I love the colour! <3

Lost in the Haze

Ammie Eliza Davies said...

aaww get well soon :p
i love prada frames, mine are prada too!
cute blog :)