Saturday, September 24, 2011

It's a Dog's Life

No really, it is. Does this look like a bad option to you?!

Monty, doing exactly what he does best.

This weekend I've decided that it's winter. It has a limited amount to do with the pouring rain outside my window or need to turn my radiator up a level and a lot more to do with these...

Matryoshka Socks, Tesco
My favourite socks which came in a pack of 2 or 3 from Tesco last year. Comfy.... check. Matryoshka print.... check. Snug and warm.... check.

Oh and then there's this...

Scarf, New Look
One of my favourite scarves, one of a number. As soon as we head towards the end of September my mind turns to what I can wrap around my neck to keep myself warm and cosy. From now until approximately March when someone prises my beloved scarves away from me, they are a permanent fixture. Adding a bit of colour or interest to a conservative dress, comfort and warms to jeans and a breton tee, or as a necessary barrier against the elements.

The rest of the weekend shall be dedicated (not necessarily in equal parts) to reading/working for Crime/Tort/Contract law, ironing, reading Elle and Vogue that I haven't gotten round to so far this month, watching the X Factor and eating all the things I don't usually eat at home (Mum and Dad- aka my personal chef are away) including stir fry and omelette. There aren't a massive number of things I miss from living away at uni, but eating some of the things that only I would cook is a benefit of having the house- well the kitchen, to myself. In actual fact, having the house to myself doesn't mean an awful lot. Aside cooking a little differently, I still spend the majority of my time in my own space, I still come and go as I please, I still work in my special little corner.

My special little corner...
I've mentioned before that I'm fortunate to live at home and for it to work really well. In particular because I work with my parents, meaning having our own space at home becomes a bit more inmportant. As well as my bedroom, the room opposite (which is where my en-suite is too) is my living space.

Special Little Corner and the bistro table and chairs (just out of shot to the right)

TV and bookcase, the dog and his bed are NOT a permanent feature...

For the record, yes that's the 2nd Sex and The City movie playing on tv, an impulse purchase when at the Supermarket last week. For £5, it would have been rude not to, right?! My only other purchases of late include English Legal System Directions, half a dozen train tickets and postage.

And now... back to bilateral and unilateral contracts. Happy weekend queridas.


Temporary:Secretary said...

Monty is nice and cosy in his little bed, so cute! Your work station looks so serene, i love how you can look out the window whilst you work - i like this, i can't stand it when i'm working and I can't see what's going on outside, makes me feel so "shut out" or the world. xxx

Anonymous said...

Haha I'm the same with scarfs!! Is Monty a Springer?? I have 2 springer pups - they are fab doggies :) x

Unknown said...

Yes, yes a dog's life looks pretty good to me right now!

I live at home too, and I totally agree if you all get on it can be a great option, as long as you have your own space too.

Alex said...

Ah that looks like a lovely cosy space. I am cursing Virgin Media almightily at the moment. The wifi won't connect so I'm having to resort to lying on the living room floor in a horrible draught to get online. I'd much rather be curled up somewhere cosy :(

Etta said...

Oh I adore scarves! I wear them all the time in winter, my current favourite is from H&M!

Spencer. said...

Adorable socks m'dear, hope you had a lovely weekend! x

Maria Fallon said...

I love your special little corner, I could do with a bit more space at home at the moment!

Maria xxx