Thursday, September 22, 2011

Packing Your Bags Like People In The Movies Do

You know that moment. When you suddenly realise that your old faithful bag, the one that has been stoically holding all your junk as you lug it from place to place, just isn't going to work anymore? Yeah, I had that last week.

This bag was that bag.

A Primark special I think it cost me around £5 (give or take). It's waterproof, the tote straps are long enough to go over my shoulder and it was always big enough to fit a couple of files, a couple of notebooks, a textbook or 2, purse, phone, keys, a drink and an umbrella or extra cardigan. We were a good match. What I hadn't considered when I reached for it upon starting my GDL was that my situation has changed a fair bit and actually so have my needs.

You see the biggest problem with this bag, is that it has no pockets. Things like keys and train passes sink to the darkest depths. Things like sandwiches get mashed up by folders and notebooks. Oh... and this bag also has no fastening, leaving it open to any theiving little fingers on trains or in cities could quite easily work their way into my bag of goodies.

When I studied my under-graduate degree I lived in halls, a mere 10 minute walk from the buildings my lectures were held in. I didn't need a train pass or quick access to my phone. I didn't worry about taking my lunch with me, because I'd always be coming home, and the "city" I lived in was tiny, no more than a large town with the university set away from the high street. Now, I live at home, a 10 minute walk-45 minute train-10 minute walk away. My university is in a large city and is in the city centre. I need a student ID card to scan myself into a number of the buildings, I need my train pass to hand in case I'm dashing for a train, I quite like my lunch to be 3D as opposed to resembling the pieces of paper in my bag.

So meet my new bag.

Oilskin-esque Primark Satchel, £10
And the contents

Incidentally, another Primark special- I loathe to spend too much on a bag for this purpose, because I know it will take such a beating. I'm sure the world and her blog will have one of these if in close vicinity of a Primark, but I like it, and it does the job.

Note- Front pockets with my ID card and train pass
Note- Fastenings to deter theiving little fingers
Note- Big enough for A4 files annd notebooks
Note- Structured so my lunch doesn't get crushed
Note- Waterproof
Note- It's not bad looking and it was only £10.

Here's hoping we'll be very happy together.


Isabela said...

This is so neat :) My bag is hardly ever organized, specially when I go to school. Mostly because whether they are rucksacks or just too small…


char said...

omg i can't believe that was only £10 from primark - what a bargain!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chole,

it's me again. I did drop you an e-mail I just hope the address I found was right, so in case you didn't receive it, please let me know. =)

The German girl. ;)

Michelle / Daisybutter said...

Ooh that bag looks lovely. I swore off Primark bags for ages because the quality is shocking, but this could be a good fit for Uni weekend travelling purposes y'know. xx

Jessica said...

I honestly looked at that satchel and thought it was going to cost loads of money! I may have to get one for myself now, what a bargain!

Leanne Cornelius said...

Your new bag is gorgeous x

Lauren said...

This bag is lovely, I really need a new bag for uni x

Lauren said...

This bag is lovely, I really need a new bag for uni x

Emily {What Emily Did Next} said...

That bag is adorable. I need to get myself to Primark! I strangely enjoy packing bags, and really like seeing what other people have in theirs.

Alex said...

Ooh that is nice! It doesn't seem to matter what sort of bag I have or how I pack it, I can never find anything when I need it. Clearly you are one of the organised types ;-)