Sunday, October 30, 2011

Gonna Catch A Cold From The Ice Inside Your Soul

This week I have been full of horrid snotty cold, but when I wore this dress and had a spare few minutes to take some photos, I decided to stick 2 fingers up at aforementioned cold and take the opportunity to show you the dress, as I've been meaning to for ages.

Dress, H&M
Cardigan, Primark,
Scarf, Malaga
Glasses, Prada
Tiredness and bad skin, c/o snotty cold
I bought the dress way back, at the end of August, and I now wish I'd bought it in one of the other colours (Black, Orange, Cobalt Blue) as it's been one of those amazing wardrobe go-to's. It's a mid-weight jersey- warm without being too stiff now we're into winter, fitted at the waist instead of an empire line, a 3/4 sleeve- long enough without me needing to rolling my sleeves up, and it's my ideal length- just above the knee, but still an office appropriate length.

Typewriter Ring, Temporary:Secretary
Wearing this ring along with a couple of other less exciting rings today. I wanted to say a couple of things about the lovely Sarah at Temp:Sec whilst I'm sharing this gorgeous little ring with you. It actually arrived a couple of weeks ago, and straight onto my finger it went, unfortunately over the course of the day, the typewriter key came away from the ring, further devastated was I when I couldn't fix it myself. But Sarah came to my rescue, she very kindly offered to fix it for me and send it back at no extra charge. Oh and when it came back earlier this week, it came with the sweetest letter and beautifully wrapped, like all of her goodies usually do. Such customer service is more than a rarity and it never fails to amaze me just how lovely this girl is.

As you read this, I'm hopefully probably on one of four trains that I need to get me home after doing the rounds of my various relatives who I've ended up visiting, another weekend criss-crossing the country. I'm really rather looking forward to not having to endure Virgin Trains' hospitality for prolonged periods next weekend, it's back to uni, back to reality and back to business sitting too. Hasta Pronto.


Michelle / Daisybutter said...

Such a gorgeous dress! I'm on a strict spending ban after seeing my bank balance yesterday... Gulp! Life is expensive ): The typewriter key ring is so sweet as well, really nice of Sarah to fix it for free too, not that I'd expect anything else from her, she's lovely! xx

daisychain said...

that ring is amazing!

Unknown said...

That dress looks really comfy, I love the way it nips in at the waist too. Also love your typewriter ring, excellent customer service from Sarah there too, very impressive!xxx

Charlotte Sparkle said...

Beautiful dress! Looks great with the cardi.