Thursday, October 27, 2011

I Only Drink Champagne When I'm Thirsty

Another week is part way through, but it doesn't seem like the weekend has been over for 2 seconds. As you might know I was away in London visiting TG this weekend, and whilst we had a Big Night Out on the Saturday night, there isn't masses else to report. We're quite sedate and sensible most of the time...

Clockwise from Top Left

Baci Chocolates- a bargain in the 99p shop next to TG's nearest supermarket, he couldn't resist when I explained that family used to bring them back from trips to Sicily

Pizza. A little indulgence for a Friday night in.

And Coffee. Lots of coffee out of cool mugs. I also love Liquorice Allsorts, in case you wanted to know.

Getting ready for a night out, I always commandeer the bathroom.

It was a good night, can you tell from the quality of my photography. For the record, it's a Ministry of Sound wristband.

This bag always seems to end up coming on nights out with me when I'm with TG, it was an emergency purchase the first time we were together in London, because I'd forgotten a small bag for going out. A bag with a little story.
So yes, Friday was a sedentary day after a late arrival on Thursday night. A walk out in the sun (a welcome change after the wind and cold up North) and a night in with Pizza and with wine. Saturday, TG went off to work during the day but we had our Big Night Out.

No outfit post, 2 bottles of Champagne, wine and shots do not a pretty outfit picture make....

I should probably explain, we don't really go "out" very often. Neither of has ever lived in the vicinity of exciting nightlife and we both love food so often we'd choose to eat out rather than head further afield just for a mediocre night. Consequently when we do have nights out, we try and do Big ones, something that we both can look forward too and something we enjoy all the more for doing every few months rather than every week or even every month. I'm fortunate to have a contact at Ministry of Sound in London, which means it's often where we end up, and we're often spoilt by my contact and this weekend was no exception! Laurent Perrier Rose, well go on then, twist my arm.... The main event on Saturday night was Roger Sanchez, and I can assure you it was brill. We eventually stumbled home (just about) before dawn.

Sunday, I nursed a *slightly* sore head in bed, had a brief wander in the sun whilst TG went back to work and then it was time to head back to the (freezing cold) North and back to reality with Legal Monday.

So there you have it, the most exciting weekend I've seen in a while. Although I do love London, and I super enjoyed getting out, I'm even more excited for a couple of weeks time when TG visits here. It'll be Bonfire night and we have plans for a much more sedate visit to a local winter market followed by Fireworks and a Bonfire on site at a local estate. All finished by 8pm, probably followed by a take-out curry or something pre-prepared, slumped on the sofa, maybe with the fire lit and a glass of vino. It may be boring to some, and many can think of a hundred more "exciting" things to do whilst seeing their partner who they don't get to see all that regularly, but I don't care. Just as a great DJ in a world famous club makes us happy, so does an afternoon looking at foody things and watching fireworks whilst I invade his coat pockets to keep my hands warm. Not that I'd say no to some more freebie champagne whilst enjoying all that though....

PSST Saturday is National Cat Day and these pair have some gorgeous posts planned

Temp:Sec & Alex


Danni said...

I think a proper night out once in a while is fab - nothing better to me than having a boogie with friends! I don't do it much atm due to money issues, but you can bet as soon as I have an income I'll be out!
Love the look of your outfit, and love the look of that dominoes box even more :P x

Lauren said...

Your plans for around bonfire night sound perfect. My boyfriend and I rarely go out we prefer going out for dinner or to the cinema or something too xx

The Cat Hag said...

So envious of your London adventure, your dancing shoes look so very very gorgeous! :)

The Cat Hag