Friday, October 7, 2011

Rule Britannia

Shoes. I like shoes. I like shoes so much that I designed the custom storage space for my shoes- well it would have been rude to leave a gap in my wardrobes where the beam was when it was just so perfect placed for shoes.

Shoe Storage, as designed by yours truly.
So a chance to win shoes and review the new Autumn/Winter British shoes at Sarenza? Hello! Shoes, Great British Style, more shoes. Count me in and allow me to present my A/W Essentials...

So first up. Flats. I wear flat shoes 99% of the time. For work, for uni, for drinks with friends, to go to the supermarket. I need them to be solid and sturdy to survive running for the train or schlepping to and from the office, but most importantly they must must MUST be pretty! Clarks have come up a long way in my estimation and you only have to look at these beauties to see why they tick all my boxes.

Image: Sarenza

Clarks Cadiz Treasure £44.99. Sturdy- they have rubber soles, ideal for gripping the pavement on my train-dash, CHECK. Solid- leather uppers, CHECK. And oh so achingly chic, perfect with my favourite grey dress and tights, perfect with jeans and a cosy jumper, perfect with a sweater dress and leggings. Meet my ideal AW flat and all the better for being British.

Next up. Statement Shoe.

Image: Sarenza
Irregular Choice Abigail's Party Too £75.60. Irregular Choice seem to have become a bit of a blogger favourite. Some of my favourite ladies are responsible for my introduction to British Brand Irregular Choice and nothing pleases me more than being able to buy their goodies conveniently.
These beauties I foresee being party shoes. Just look at the amazing sequins and the stars and gorgeous bow on the front. With my old faithful satin shorts for a big night out (I have one of those coming up, after all) or with my favourite shift dress for dinner with The Guy, these are going to add some much needed sparkle to my usual selections.
Oh, did I mention the amazingness spreads right to the soles?

Image: Sarenza

Ok, next on my list might not seem necessary to some, but anyone who works in a conservative industry such as law or accounting etc will understand. I'm calling these my Just Because I Want To Be A Solicitor, This Does Not Make Me Boring shoes.

Image: Sarenza
Underground Penny £102. Upon announcing that I'm training to be a solicitor, you can usually see people making an instantaneous judgement. It almost always includes the word boring and very rarely includes the word stylish. These could just be my secret weapon, oh and given that I work in a office which includes images of sheep wearing pink wellies and leopard print chairs, I get the feeling they'd go down rather well with my colleagues.  Underground are also a brand that really do present the British design at its very best, their designs give classics such as the brogue one almighty update and original designs giving your feet the edge that so distinguishes us Brits from, well, everyone.

And last but not least. Trainers. Now don't sigh and look away. Staying stylish includes staying fit and healthy. Training has become a massive part of my life since I put in my application with the forces and whilst pretty running shoes are great, they ultimately have to be fit for purpose. But oh wait, what's that, Brits come up top again creating the ultimate. shoes designed for function first, but still look pretty damn fit to me (pun maybe just a little bit intended...)

Image: Sarenza
New Balance ww855 £76.50. Ok, so New Balance actually started in the USA, Cambridge, Massachusetts in fact. But these babies are manufactured in the United Kingdom, meaning although all those big bold ideas coming from across the pond are actually rely on the fair hand of the Brits and to me there's no better compliment to our abilities than being the manufacturer as some of the best regarded athletic shoes going. To my mind it puts them up there with the best of British. 

And so concludes my list AW 2011/2012 shoe essentials. Thanks to Sarenza, these beauties could all be purchased from the comfort of your cosy sofa, cup of coffee and slice of cake to hand. No need to brave the wind or the rain. Oh, you also get 100 days to decide if your purchase really is for you with the 100 day return policy (none of this 28 day rubbish!) oh and did I mention that it's free? Not just the returning (on the off chance that will power wins out over lust/love) but the delivery too. Free delivery with no minimum order.

Now, to find some space on the shoe shelf....



daisychain said...

Those irregular choices are amazing!

Unknown said...

I wear flat shoes 99% of the time too, they're nice and very versatile!

Caroline said...

I love your shoe storage space! Wish I had some space in my wardrobe to create this! x