Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Chloe Likes To Eat

I've talked about sandwiches before. But bacon is different. And in my book, it belongs to a Sunday morning, preferably in bed at around 1030. Like this.

I like mine with brown sauce and a touch of butter, home baked bread- I'm not fussy if it's brown or white and accompanied by a cup of strong black coffee.


Unknown said...

There's nothing like a bacon sandwich, especially on home baked bread! I particularly like mine in a bap with tomato sauce and mayonnaise, yum! I am particularly partial to a sausage bap too!xxx

daisychain said...

I can't actually remember the last time I had a bacon sandwich :( tragic times.

Lauren said...

I love bacon sandwiches on a Sunday morning, it has to be tomato source for me though! xx


Rachael said...

Mmmm bacon sandwiches totally make Sundays especially with loads of HP sauce.

Unknown said...

Oh yum, bacon is definitely served best on a sunday morning. I have to have white bread for mine though, brown just doesn't taste the same, and no sauce but lots of buttered bread (and the bread can't be toasted). Haha I'm so fussy :P!



Samantha Lui said...

mmmmmm I love bacon!!!!

ali said...

yummm.... bacon is prima.

Winnie said...

Can't beat a good Bacon Sarnie can you? Yum! Though I can never ever eat in my bed haha, I just can't stand crumbs. I even get a bit twitchy when people come into my room with food in hand (noooo!).

Also, yum...home baked bread? I've never ever made bread before but I'd love to try!

Unknown said...

Those sandwiches look mouthwateringly good!

Have to admit I'm a suasage sandwich kind of girl primarily though - definitely my favourite comfort food!