Sunday, November 20, 2011

Chloe Likes

The C word is almost upon us again, and the dreaded question from TG arose not so long ago- "what would you like for Christmas...?"!

Now I'll admit, I had to ask the very same question, TG is an absolute nightmare to buy for, and although we set ourselves a budget, I *ahem* may have accidentally disregarded said budget when I found something that is ideal.

And although it's taken some agonising searches to sort TG's gift, he has no such agony as I agreed to put together a Chloe Likes, just for him. So here goes.

In Rows.... ish

Top Row L-R
1.Slippers, £14 Topshop
2. Framed Bag, £28 ASOS
3. Panasonic Lumix Camera & Lens Kit, £999 Amazon
4. Gossip Girl Series 3 & Series 4, Amazon
5. Nike Running Band, £45
6. Apple iPhone 4S, From £

Bottom Row L-R
7. Simon's Cat A4 Wallplanner, £9 Simon's Cat
8. Hanna DVD, £12.04 Amazon
9. Topshop Cable Knit, £23 Topshop
10. Irregular Choice Shoes, £74.99
11. OPI Rainbow Connection Polish, £10.50 ASOS
12. Louche Star Dress, £39 Joy
13. Models Own Pink Fizz Polish, £5 ASOS
14. Oversize Bag, £35 ASOS
Ok, so it's not all realistic. Some of them really are just fantasies- Although if you feel like gifting an iPhone to me, my BlackBerry really is on it's last legs and if you've got a swish spare camera around, well I'd like a go.

Anyway, back to reality, how awesome are those slippers! Cat shaped feet, I want them. You may also be able to tell I'm going through a sparkly-nailpolish-allthetime phase... my favourite Mad As A Hatter OPI polish has bitten the dust, but both the Models Own and OPI polishes here grabbed me. And the sparkly shoes, well who doesn't love a sparkly shoe. I take a size 5 if anyone has a spare pair, y'know, just laying about. Gathering dust.

Also nursing a bit of a thing for Topshop knitwear just at the moment. Their knitwear actually seems to be the most realistically priced area of the shop at the moment- not cheap, but fairly priced. Particularly loved this cable knit. And after my foray back into Topshop with Those leather trousers (first thing I've bought from Topshop in about 12 months), I'm pleasantly surprised that their sizing appears to have improved a little. I bought my leather trousers to my measurements, and they fit. Although I'm still a 12-14 in Topshop where I'd usually be a 10-12 elsewhere. Hiss Boo.

I'm sure some people would see it as a slightly less glamorous option, but this Nike running band was actually an original on my list this year, when my mum asked me about Christmas (way back in October). As I'm now back to the (very amateur) running and this would be an awesome tool for me. nd once you've read this by Bangs And A Bun, I defy you to say that being fit, healthy and strong is not glamour itself.

Talking of glamorous, the 2 bags that have popped up are a slightly more glamorous solution to hauling my junk down to uni. I struggle to get a bag that's big enough, without being a holdall and still has a modicum of *I'manadultnotaschoolgirl* about it. I also like a bigger handbag for this purpose because they have the necessary pockets to make some things easily reachable. Loving both of these ASOS ones at the moment, easy going and chic, big enough for a couple of files, notebooks and purse, phone, keys, ID, drink and all the other junk.

So ladies, what are you all hoping is going to appear on the morning? I'm intrigued to know what other people are lusting. If you have just one thing, what would it be?



daisychain said...

I am so buying those topshop slippers next week, I can't stop obsessing.

Sophie Isobel said...

OPI Rainbow Connection is on my Christmas List too! I love that first bag also.


Sara said...

Your list is perfection, I want every single item you covet for, especially the blouse with the stars, they would all be an amazing addition to any wardrobe. Your blog is lovely and I'm a new follower! Hope you'll like my blog and follow back!

Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

Maria Fallon said...

I love your Christmas list! I want to spend some time with my boyfriend and for him to take me shopping...surely not too much to ask?! ;)

Maria xxx

Caroline said...

That Star dress is gorgeous! x