Sunday, November 27, 2011

Chloe Likes...

Yes, I know, I already posted a Christmas list, but this is slightly different- for those of you who are after something a little less... commercial- something off the beaten track or a but of extra special hand-made goodness.

Gorgeous Scarves from Lily Loves Lola- the green on the end is just beautiful
These Scarves look so cosy. And having realised that I chucked out all my bobbly horrid old wool scarves at the end of last winter, I'm in need of a nice, long, comfy, warm new one. Preferably in the green on the end...
Cupcake Nails from Dainty Nails
Charlene's sets of nails have been all over the blog community since she started selling them earlier in the year. And with good reason- she has some awesome designs ranging from cute to cool and I am loving these cupcakes as I could never do something as good myself. Oh... she also makes made to order sets in a design of your choice.
I love the Kittens from Being Little

These kittens by Lyzi of Being Little really appeal. They're cute, they're cats. They're unique. Sorted.

Zatchel Red Metallic Satchel
A little higher in price point, but I'm desperately in love with most things on the Zatchel site, but this beauty in particular. Y'see, here's the thing. I'm on the search for a sturdy and sophisticated but slightly funky. The added benefit of these metallic wonders is that when I finish studying and become a proper solicitor and everything, I think it would make an awesome briefcase- something that does the job and says "I'm good at what I do, that doesn't make me boring." 16 inch, with handle and detachable straps please!
Oh, and did I mention that they're handmade. In England. How cool is that!
Bee Ring from Temp:Sec
Herbert The Hedgehog from Temp:Sec

I think we have well established my love for Temporary Secretary, yes? Well these, I love. Who doesn't love a hedgehog? And the bee would continue my collection of creature based rings!

So there you go. Some more individual likes and loves of the moment. And if anyone wants to donate to the Chloe Likes Fund, hey, feel to go right on ahead.

Oh and My mum and I have had a bit of a clear out and we have some bits on eBay including a faux fur cape and 2 pairs of shoes- all brand new and never warn. Go on, have a look, you know you want to..

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Winnie said...

I adore Zatchel bags! The one you chose is the most Christmassy one ever. Such a pretty selection of goodies :)