Friday, November 25, 2011

Hello Rogue

I'm quite sure that some of you will be familiar with Ayden from Little Blog of Horrors. Well this young lady has been a real friend to me over the last few months, above and beyond writing REALLY nice things about me she's been there to listen and the most recent accolade- sender of AMAZING parcels.

LOOK WHAT TURNED UP TODAY (yes I'm shouting, I got a bit excited!)

Thank you Ayden ♥
Clockwise from Top Left:
Awesome photography and a caption that captured my heart on the back
Awesome Hello Kitty to keep my goodies safe- good job too as the PO man-handled them
Cath Kidston Tissues- not sure I can bear to use them!
Topshop Nail Polish- there's always room for more green in my life!
The Shack by Wm Paul young- Bedtime reading
The Bodyshop Sweet Lemon Body Butter- I spy help for my shamefully dry legs
Beautiful Teapot Necklace- in the words of the lovely lady herself, where there's tea, there's hope.

I should probably also admit, there were cookies- MINI cookies in this parcel, but ummm, I ate the,

Parcels like this are a reminder that through the people who read my rambling and comment here, I've met some friends, who are on an ever growing list of people I'm desperate to meet, for real.


Rachael said...

Aww that's a gorgeous parcel - loving the little teacup necklace, it's adorably cute.

Temporary:Secretary said...

That is the cutest parcel! xxx

Bee. said...

N'aww such a cute parcel. Y'know, if you wanted to meet Ayden...she's coming to the Christmas meet up!! And I totes think you should too ;)
Details here:

daisychain said...

I LOVE SENDING PARCELS! I will send you one soon! x

Lauren said...

Aaww thats so lovely. There's some really nice stuff in there xx

Ria said...

I love getting mail from friends as well!And this is an awesome package! I love the Body Shop body butter!
Happy weekend!

lucindababydoll said...

Aww this is cute! The shack is such a lovely book. :) x

Unknown said...

You are so very, very welcome :) Heart you lady! Going to text you tomorrow xxx

Unknown said...

What a fantastic parcel! Giving and receiving surprises in the post is just one of the most exciting things!