Saturday, November 12, 2011

Keeping An Eye Out

I find eyes fascinating, in particular their colour. This could be something to do with the many years of being subjected to an optician's poking and prodding. But something I never realised, until TG pointed out that mine appear to, is that eyes can appear to change colour and that actually your eye colour could be completely different up close compared to at usual distance.

When describing the colour of my eyes, I'd usually just they were hazel or brown. If you look at pictures of me, for example from my outfit shots, they just look generically dark.

Nothing special there. And I don't really pay much attention when shoving my contact lenses in each morning. I'm usually more bothered about how much concealer it's going to take to prevent me looking like the living dead.

But after talking to TG last night about eye colour, I noticed just how yellow they were looking when I went to take out my lenses last night.

I did do a little reading (thank you Wikipedia) on eye colour and whether it's even possible for it to change. And it was actually really interesting. Eye colour generally does not change in adults but apparently all the chemistry involved presents an argument that puberty, pregnancy and serious trauma could all alter eye colour on a more dramatic scale.

It is also possible for people with more mix eye colour, as opposed to a solid or very true eye colour to experience subtle changes in their eye colour, and given that mine seem to have all sorts going on in them, I'm guessing that includes me, and would explain why TG sometimes thinks my eyes appear to be more yellow or more green on different occasions.

If you've never taken a proper look at your eye colour, do it. It's fascinating to look at the different pigments and colours, flecks and ripples in the colouring. And if you have, have you ever noticed changes in your eye colour? Do you find it as fascinating as I do?


Marta said...

Ohh my eyes do change. Most of the time they are brown but when it's really sunny or after I cry they become very green :)

The Pampered Sparrow said...

That's really interesting! Mine look like a medium brown but close up they are quite amber/orangey!! :D xx

Winnie said...

Mine are definitely brown but when I was younger I had a friend who had a fascinating eye colour. They were greenISH but she had a ring of gold around her pupil!

Alex said...

Mine have always been changeable. I'd say they were green but the shade can vary dramatically depending.

Unknown said...

I find eyes so fascinating, I love how they look different in different lights but I didn't realise that puberty, pregnancy and serious trauma could change the colour of them on such a scale. Mine are quite hard to define, I think they're grey but they can look anything from dark blue to bluey green.