Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Friend Indeed

I mentioned in my last post, that I had been thoroughly spoiled by lots of lovely people in Blogland over the last couple of weeks, and I thought I'd better show you some of the lovely things I've been sent, and some of the lovely people who've been looking after me so well.

This all ties in rather nicely with this post I read earlier in the week (on a massive blog catch up sesh....) by Bangs and a Bun about social media and how it is often said that social media can be more isolating, but sometimes it can be quite the opposite.

This really struck a chord for me, as just at the moment, some of the friends I've made since Chloe Likes To Talk and Twitter have turned out to be really important and amazing friends, And whilst I'm slowly making friends with people from my GDL course, I don't have many others. Next week I get to meet Ayden, and I can't wait. Also on my hitlist- Char, Alex, Cat and Maria who have all been lightspeed quick to share good things and lend an electronic ear and hug for the less good bits.

So. What arrived first? Well that would be a giveaway prize from the lovely Sarah. Who I only discovered just as she started running the giveaway, but who is now a regular stop off for a quick read. Not only did she send me some lovely prizes, she's also a lovely girl with a a lovely blog.

Earrings from Almost Pretty prize

Minty Green Polish- Topshop Gone Fishing from Almost Pretty Prize
Darker Green Polish- Topshop Utilitarian from Ayden

Next came this from Char. I have long admired Char's necklace that is much similar. And she sent me this and a card that reminded me just how easily you can make friends with people. Not only was this a majorly thoughtful thing to send, but at a time it when it's been especially helpful to know, there are some amazing people out there.

Necklace from Char
Thirdly, from Alex. The best way to describe this, is vastly disproportionate payment. I did Alex a small favour last month, and if all 300 word translations were paid like this, my final year of undergrad would have been amazing. Accompanied by another card, that shows just how well she knows me, this scarf has barely left me since it landed and yes, she MADE that, how cool is that?! Oh, and did I mention that I've been desperate for a new scarf?!

Scarf from Alex

In other news, it snowed this week. I hate snow, don't get me wrong, it's quite pretty sometimes, but it's cold, it's wet, and it's so freaking disruptive. And to add insult to injury, it snowed on my phone too.

Snow. On my phone.

And last but not least, something I'll be sharing with you next week. Crafty I am not, but this little project was an inspired brainwave, if I do say so myself!



daisychain said...

I caught myself wishing it'd snow here. Forgive me, I have sinned.

The Pampered Sparrow said...

This is a really lovely post and the very reason I continue to blog.
There are lovely friends to be made everywhere and the cyber world is no exception. Some people we just "connect" with don't we! :D xx

Lixin said...

Your friends are so sweet. :) Lucky you!
I've had many online friends but only one remained true for more than four years now.
The items you received from the giveaway look amazing anyway - I have my own giveaway to organize but i haven't started urgh.

Unknown said...

What lovely prezzies! You must have been chuffed to bits to receive them! I am so grateful for the awesome friends I've made on here (I count you as one of them!) and I'm constantly surprised by their kindness, especially in times when I feel down (or I have things to celebrate!) as it's often through Twitter I get messages from people I hardly know before I get them from my friends in real life. Ayden is absolutely lovely, give her a squeeze from me :) xxx