Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I Must Be Wrong In The Head

So this weekend was the first one of my Big Fat Gypsy December jaunts. London, for the record. I had some pretty awesome plans, so here's what I got up to.

On Friday, my first day, I walked 5 miles across London from St Johns Wood High Street to Elephant and Castle, via Regents Park, Oxford Circus, South Molton Street, Green Park, Westminster and Waterloo. Who said I didn't earn the *ahem* whole strudel that serves 6.... or one Chloe and one TG.

Friday night was one of the big events. I've had tickets for Example since July, to say excited would have been an understatement...

I did take a few videos of the set, but unfortunately the sound wasn't so good on them where the crowd were really giving it some. A great night though, and despite being 30 minutes late on stage, we still got a full set from the man himself, and it was everything I was looking forward to, and then some.

Saturday was a lazy day, after jumping up and down like and screaming like a mad woman on Friday night. But only so I was fit to do it all again on Saturday night. Headed off, as is custom, to Ministry of Sound for the night. Great set, amazing people, free drinks and bass. What more could a girl ask for?

A sneaky peek
True to form, a bit too much wine was consumed to take any decent outfit pictures before going out, but here's a sneaky peek as I'll almost certainly be wearing (and photographing) this some time soon.

 A short snap from Kinki Malinki on Saturday night.

Last but not least, a few thank yous. I've been a bit spoiled by blogland of late.

First up Sarah of Almost Delightful. I won her giveaway the other week, which couldn't have come on a better day. This girl is an absolute sweetie, go check her out.

Next is Char, who sent me a necklace that I finally took off on Sunday night, having been attached to it since it arrived on Thursday.

And then there's Alex. Who is a sweetheart. And I want to steal her all for myself as my personal scarf knitter and all round awesome person.

Ayden is being her usual amazing self with helpful sensible texts to get me through a tough time. I cannot freaking wait to meet this girl next week!

And Cat. Who is the girl mate that I've never had before and who doesn't seem to realise just how epicly amazing she is.


Unknown said...

Oh strudel is so yummy, I could eat a whole one, especially when the pastry goes soggy from the fruit. You walked six miles, that's so long! I moan when I have to walk to Canary Wharf tube station, and sometimes I take the tube between Oxford Circus and Marble Arch, because I am lazy! Sounds like you had an awesome weekend though, I am glad that you enjoyed seeing Example! Thanks for the mention too, and thank you for the lovely card that came through the post :) xo

Leanne Cornelius said...

It sounds like you had such a good time!
Hope everything is okay lovely x