Saturday, January 21, 2012

Did You Sail Away Over Some Distant Ocean

This last week has been a pretty hectic one, and already the second full week of January is almost done, but it's been punctuated with a couple of little treats... Last week my parents were away and my partner was in Germany on a skeleton bob sleigh trip (I've taken to calling him Tea Tray T), and they came back with gifts from foreign lands. 

Some reminders of Deutschland. Home from home. And a Yellow Postcard to add to my collection.

A selection of some yummy chocolate, I can take or leave Milka itself, it's the things they put in it.... DAIM! 
Lemon, Ginger and Cardamom tea
Kuhflecken Chocolate- Fresian Chocolate in other words, Kuhflecken translates literally to Cow Spots
Apple Tea- my absolute favourite thing from DE, and something I've found difficult to get in the UK, let alone at a decent price. 
Rosehip and Hisbiscus Tea- a new one for me to try, but it smells lovely. 

I guess, for me, this package is brilliant not because of where it came from or the value of it or even to a certain point what it contained. It's the thought behind it. I'd forgotten I'd even told T about my love of Apple Tea and my inabilities to get it, let alone expected him to remember whilst he was out in Germany. I know some people might be less than excited to receive a package of tea, chocolate and a postcard, but some serious thought went into this, and things like this are such a reminder... It's the little things. 

Watch, Spain.

Mis padres were in slightly warmer climes, Spain. And this is a thank-you for business/dog/house sitting whilst they were gone. It comes from a favourite shop in Malaga airport that sells all sorts of jewellery and every coloured pashmina known to man. 

The real beauty of this find? It's not a guys style. My everyday watch is a men's style, and I love it, I do, male or female, because I need something a little less delicate than most women's styles. But you don't get sparkles and leopard print on a men's watch..... Expect to see it in outfit post or ten soon. 


Roisin Elizabeth Keats said...

Lovely watch! And I adore that he remembered and put effort into your present from Germany, that's one of the sweetest things I've heard in a while and it put a big smile on my face :)
Much Love

chloelikestotalk said...

Thanks, I'm glad it made someone else smile too. 

Adaisychaindream said...

I LOVE that apple tea! My Aunt and Uncle always bring me some when they visit from Holland!

Chloe said...

I love it, it was my absolute favourite and I used my very last supply of it last year. And it's a little taste of DE whenever I have it. 

JosieLovesShoes said...

That chocolate looks so nice! Cute watch too. x

Jazzy Elizabeth said...

Beautiful watch. x hivennn

LO_TS said...

What great gifts, as someone that's just moved countries I can totally empathize with the delight of getting food parcels from the homeland. Although luckily a lot of English food is available in the USA I miss a lot of the chocolate!

Chloe said...


Chloe said...

Although it's not home, I think I left a piece of me in Germany! I used to love getting British goodies when I lived in France though, I understand in the States there's a certain Kitsch that's attached to British goods, bet they're mega expensive though! 

Maria Fallon said...

Such lovely gifts! It's always nice to have little presents like this :) 

Maria xxx

Chloe said...

It made me squeal, actually squeal.