Sunday, January 22, 2012

Never Mind Abigail, It's MY Party Too

Shoes. Shoes are are particular love of mine. I don't have the biggest collection or the most expensive.
But to me, there's a certain joy in shoes. A shoe can alter your outfit from one thing to another- the dress I wore to my graduation with sky high black suede court shoes, is the same dress I regularly wear to work in a legal practice with simple black flats, or grey ones, or my latest favourites, heeled ankle boots.

When debating a favourite pair on the Sarenza website, I had a good browse. I was almost swayed by this beautiful pair of Missoni Nikolea Flats but then I realised that my absolute favourite pair of shoes, on the entire Sarenza website, and trust me, that's a lot of shoes, are these ones.

Abigails Party Too, Irregular Choice at Sarenza

Now before you all shout out at once, yes I know, I have featured these before. And the truth is, I still want them just as much as I did back in October and even better, they're now reduced by a substantial amount. I'm praying a pair of size fives last out until payday.

Initially I was drawn to these as party shoes. I know I would wear these for dinner out, for parties and for Big Nights Out. But these days, I reckon they fall nicely into the shoe category that I justify with the name 'just-because-I'm-a-solicitor (in training)- doesn't-mean-I'm-boring' category. I reckon they'd look pretty sweet with that simple black dress in the office (I can hear the shoe envy amongst my colleagues already), I reckon they're be a great accompaniment to my leather trousers- giving me the texture that they need in a shoe, Oh and let's not forget how awesome they would be to spruce up black skinny jeans and a simple knit. In short, I think these shoes are probably the answer to all my shoe scenarios.

Oh, did I mention they have epic soles?

I'm not sure there will ever be enough shoes in my collection, but to me, every new shoe should fill you with this kind of excitement and enthusiasm. The speculating over what the first outfit they're worn with will be, and how they will fit with your favourite or most worn items. How your friends or family might admire them.



whereisharriet said...

Oh wow, those shoes are amazing! Love the cool sole as well!

Chloe said...

Love, infatuation, lust, obsession... think that pretty much covers it! 

Adaisychaindream said...

I LOVE THESE, Irregular Choice soles are amazing.

Rosie said...

I have been thinking about entering the Sarenza ambassador competition too, I love this post, I do adore Irregular Choice shoes and these would definitely bring a bit of glitz to the office and generate some major shoe envy! X

Temporary:Secretary said...

The soles are AMAZING! If i had these, I would be so precious about wearing them. So much attention to detail with Irregular Choice shoes. Very kitsch! xxx

Chloe said...

Are all the soles patterned like this?

Chloe said...

DO it Rosie, nothing ventured, nothing gained! I'm hoping to purchase these babies regardless, because they'd be a perfect and versatile and envy inducing addition to my wardrobe.

Chloe said...

I used to get a bit precious about some of my favourite shoes, but I also worked out that a bit of time and effort and small amounts of money invested, can really increase the life span and ability to wear a pair of shoes. These will be getting a steel heel before I even wear them, and regular waterproof spray treatments. I've heard hair spray is also good for sequined shoes.