Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mostly Mineral

I'm not sure I'd call myself thrifty, and I'll confess, I don't always have the burning to need to get the absolute best price. For me convenience has a price tag and there are times when I am willing to pay it. That said, I'm often on the look out for lower cost alternatives to products or services I use, if they perform in the same way or if they can reduce my need for the more expensive original. Normally, cosmetics is not an area I would consider for this, but having had a good experience with ELF Cosmetics so far, I have ventured further into their offerings.

My ELF Order, total £20.50 for all 5 products.

I've been using mineral make-up, namely Bare Escentuals, for 5 years. I was introduced to BE via my local beauticians, as someone who has battled with iffy skin for a long time, it was a no brainer to try out a switch to make-up which was made of natural products and that wasn't a heavier liquid as I had been using up to that point. I've never looked back, and just to be clear, I'm not criticising a preference for conventional liquid/cream foundations, I'm just stating that personally, after using mineral make-up, I couldn't imagine ever going back to something that sits on my skin in that way.

I don't think that the BE foundation is horribly expensive at £20 ish for a 9g pot (which usually last a couple of months of daily wear), but similarly, I do use it every single day, and having a cheaper alternative to use some of the time is worth looking into. The BE mineral veil, which I use almost twice as much of, because it's the base and finish to my make up (it's a neutral colour and helps my make-up go on smoothly and stay put) is a similar price for a smaller pot, and a couple of months ago, it caught my eye that ELF do a similar product, for just £5 for a much larger pot (10g which is LOADS as it's lighter in weight than foundation!). It's fast become a life saver to not have to feel so cautious about how much I use, which means my make-up is definitely set much better. And now the time has come to buy a new foundation, I thought I might just give the ELF version a try, having enjoyed my experience with ELF Mineral products so far.

ELF Personal Blend Mineral Foundation, £7 

ELF Mineral Concealer, £3.50

The concealer above, there's isn't masses to say about this. You get lots for your money, I get reasonable coverage when using a standard concealer brush (one of my BE ones) and it's a reasonable colour match.

The foundation is a bit different.

It comes as a quad, and the idea is that you create an individual shade to suit you as you use it, as the name 'Personal Blend' suggests.

I really like this as a concept, as my skin colour changes drastically through the seasons with a tan and without. There's a good variety in the four shades and there's plenty of each one in the pot- it's a generous size, and the little cut out bit stops too much product coming out and means you can only dispense one shade at a time.

So far, using it, so good. I've taking to creating the blend in one of my spare empty pots, so I can see a bit better the colour I've created, and to enable me to properly mix it together- and by mix, I mean shake the pot.... technical stuff here! I would say that the coverage isn't quite up to the BE standards, I need more of the ELF foundation, and I've found that it doesn't stay put for quite as long, although it does seem to 'wear off' more evenly than my BE does, meaning that I'm not left with patchy bits when I top up.

As a cheaper alternative, I'm definitely glad I tried it, and it's something I will probably continue to use alongside my BE foundation, although perhaps not as an out and out replacement.

My last little product in the box (aside the brush, which is, well, a full face brush... and Mineral Glow which I've talked about earlier in this post) is this little pretty. And was an indulgent purchase I had free delivery....

Mineral Moisturising Lip Tint in Blush, £3.50

Basically it's coloured lipsalve. And I love it. I've been after something that's not lipstick strength colour, but isn't just a drying stain or sticky gloss for AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGES. And this could be it folks. It's my lipsalve- which I need, my lips are forever dry and colour- discernible without being too strong or in your face, together. I will almost certainly be purchasing a couple of other shades, I'd quite like a red type colour as well as this shade, which I can best describe as natural lip colour, just better.

Would love to hear from anyone who uses mineral make-up and your experience with ELF and other brands. And if you have used mineral and gone back to liquid/cream/non mineral make-up, as it's really good for a complete amateur with make-up, such as I am, to pick up info and tips.

I'm no beauty blogger... in case you hadn't noticed. All views and technical terminology are my own. All products were bought and paid for by yours truly and I just thought I'd tell you about the good people at ELF and cracking service.



Caroline said...

I like the sound of the colour blend foundation, that you can create the shade to suit you :) I really must try some ELF products! x

C Shand said...

I bought a set of make-up brushes, a brush cleaner and an eyelid primer from ELF about a month ago - all fantastic! And so cheap! I'm thinking about buying some BE foundation soon, so good to hear it's a good product.

Louise said...

I've used all manner of makeup, I do tend to like cream or mousse foundations for coverage, but then I do like a mineral blush. Best to mix and match and find what's best for you I think . Thanks for sharing though.

Chloe said...

The blending of the right colour is taking some practice, but I'd wholeheartedly recommend ELF for low cost products and great service. 

Chloe said...

Definitely try the BE, but my recommendation would be to try one of their started kits, which comes with brushes and mineral veil and  concealer. It's well worth it, as the brushes are brilliant and you can try a couple of different products. 

Chloe said...

I completely agree, it's all about finding out what works best for you, it's just a shame it can take so long!

Sarah said...

I bloomin' love this post, everything looks awesome but that lipsalve.. I need! Please show me a picture of it on? :P

Chloe said...

As soon as my skin stops looking like something from Startrek, gladly post a picture of it on. It's brilliant though would highly recommend it.

Caroline said...

I invested! I absolutely love it! (gave you a wee mention!)

Chloe said...

Glad that you like it so much, and thanks for the mention. You'll have to let me know how you get on with it. Once you get to grips with it, would sincerely recommend the ELF extra like the Mineral Glow and the mineral concealer.