Thursday, February 2, 2012

Squeaky Clean

So you know all those £5 off No7 Boots vouchers? I never usually use them, but this time, I did! By and large thanks to a recommendation, but (and this is a HUGE apology) I can't for the life of me remember who reviewed this product. The worst thing of all is that I commented on the review, got really excited and made a point to purchase this product after reading the review. So if you know who wrote it, or if it's you, please please let me know, so I can link to it!

Anyway, apologies aside, this is the product. And given my usual avoidance of reviews concerning beauty/skincare products, you know it's either really good or really not. In this case, it's REALLY good.

The new No7 Skincare- Beautiful Skin Foaming cleanser. Full price £9 

A bit of background for you. I struggle with my skin. It's oily, and although I don't have full blown acne, I can't remember a time when I had clear skin. It's sensitive to anything with colour or scent. Consequently, I've been using Simple products for a few years. They're inexpensive high street skincare products, but as much as is possible, they work, they don't seem to irritate my skin particularly and they're easy to get hold of. But you know what, maybe it is time for a change, and swayed by aforementioned review and a discount voucher, I decided to give it a go.

First things first, it's a fair sized bottle, I'm not sure I'd buy it full price, but with the £5 off promotion, it's no more expensive than my previous face wash. You don't need much of the product, and it's a good sturdy bottle if you need to travel with it.

It seems to have a very light scent, kind of 'clean' if you catch my drift, but nothing overpowering and apparently it's hypo-allergenic, and if something coloured/scented is going to affect me, it usually does fairly quickly, so  I'm confident this isn't a problem here, as I've been using it for about a week now.

But the very best thing about this product? The result. I use this in the shower, twice a day. It has no problem removing my make-up- although I wear mineral make-up so that’s not usually a problem. It leaves my skin feeling all over, deeply clean. Something I realised after using this for the first time, that my Simple face wash wasn't giving me. It leaves me skin feeling soft too, and not tight or stripped bare, which is something I hate about so many skincare products that are for oily or even ‘normal skin’ whatever that is. The clean feeling also lasts. My skin doesn’t feel or appear oily just an hour later, which is a problem I’ve had before, and my skin continues to feel soft, clean and after moisturising, I might even go so far as to say my skin feels healthy.

So far, I’ve been using this for about a week. I know that sometimes results can appear to ‘wear off’ a product, but so far, so good. And based on my good experience with the cleanser, I’m keen to investigate other products in the line, particularly as my toner is starting to run low.

My one little gripe, is that I feel £9 is quite expensive. I don’t think I could justify this as a daily use product at that price. However, the £5 off No7 vouchers seem to run frequently, and these vouchers take it to a price I am happy to pay, so I may well stock up next time the vouchers are running and like several zillion other people, I have a Boots card, so the points will be welcome.

So there you have it. My new wonder product. Anybody else tried the new skincare (not just the Oily/Normal section)? I’m intrigued to know if anyone else is as pleased as I am. 


Rachael said...

This sounds a really good product but i'm not sure how much it would work with my skin because it can be quite dry. I'll have to keep my eyes out and see if it's one of the No7/Boots products that makes its way to the stores over here. 

Chloe said...

They do have dry and very dry selection of products in this new range too, if that's of help to you. where are you based?

whereisharriet said...

Oh wow, this sounds really good! Your description of your skin sounds *exactly* like ine so I will defintely try this out at some point soon I think!

Chloe said...

Oooh, let me know how you get on if you do try it. I ended up buying the moisturiser this week when I was caught short, and so far I really like that too. 

I'm genuinely so impressed with the range, so glad I decided to try it out.