Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Chloe Likes...

As long-time lovers might know, I have a mild... obsession thing for Nica Handbags. I already own 4 different bags.

From Left-Right
Dixie- Post can be found HERE
Alicia- Post can be found HERE 
Name unknown, this one was a present from T- Post can be found HERE 

And my oldest Nica, is a gorgeous tan shoulder bag, a bottomless pit that I can't be parted from.

Yeah... minor... thing...AHEM

So naturally, having purchased from the rather friendly people at Nica, and having recently been stung by a Groupon scam over handbags, I was really quite pleased see a these new season beauties on their latest e-mail.

Meet Andrea.... 

Just to be crystal clear, I wasn't sponsored to write this post (although if someone wants to donate a whole load of Nica products, well who would I be to say no.... ANYWAY) and here's why I did want to write it...

Have you seen they above? They're PRETTY, Nica products, in my experience, and I'd say it's well qualified thus far with 4 Nica pretties in my possession and a mother with a collection fast catching mine up, are well made. My oldest Nica bag is 6 years old now, (which I find frightening, I'm getting old....) and I used it for school and for uni for a long time, the only slight wear to it is that 2 stitches which used to make the top narrower have come undone- hardly a surprise with the volume of books I've shoved in it over the years. Other than that... Still as good as brand new. My other bags have survived torrential Lake District Rain, -10 temperatures, Spanish mid-summer heat, Monty..., multiple train journeys of long and tortuous natures... you get the picture...

The other thing I love about Nica handbags and accessories? You can guarantee there'll be something a bit different. Whether it's the woven front like my woven green bag or the mirror in the flap of my Alicia or the extra pockets on my Dixie, there's plenty available for the quirky as well as those like me who want something that works as a more classic style.

The appeal of this is here with the Andrea collection. Raffia is not what comes to my mind when I think stylish handbags, but that beautiful coral satchel and the great black and green purse. Yup. Raffia. But if like me, you can't quite get your head around Raffia AND stylish being in the same sentence then what about this. My personal favourite, as I'm in the market for a bag that's big enough to hold all my notes (and my lunch, and my kindle, and my purse/phone/keys/umbrella, and my kitchen sink...) for my work experience days.

I want THIS ONE please... *flutters eyelashes*

Pretty much instant love. Are you sold yet? You KNOW you want to.



Adaisychaindream said...

I have a soft spot for Nica bags too, although I only own one!

Rosie said...

I have never heard of them before, they are beautiful though, love that raffia satchel, who knew coral went so well with raffia! :) Will be checking out the rest of their bags now, I like the sound of any company that makes bags that withstand heavy books and inclement weather! xxx

Chloe said...

I'm building a steady collection, one per season... pretty much. 

Chloe said...

My first one came from a Topshop concession and I only discovered they were online 18 months ago. Let me know if you decide to purchase anything, I really love coral and raffia too, but desperate need for a larger bag at the moment.