Sunday, April 15, 2012

Another Roll Of The Dice

So Easter weekend was spent with T in London. It's been a while since I last went down to visit and I had an awesome time. We had no plans except knowing I wanted to catch up with my London family for a couple of hours, and you know what, it was the best long weekend we've had in ages. No pressure that we were 'wasting' our time or not doing things we 'should' be doing. Rosie wrote an awesome post on doing what makes you happy rather than what people think you should be doing because of your age/gender/job/deleteasappropriate if you read nothing else this week, then read this.

So here's MY London. OUR Weekend. OUR way.

Clockwise from Top Left

T bought me nail polish to cheer me up after a day of feeling awful with side effects. I had also been trying to hunt down the Models Own x Hed Kandi Ibiza Mix nail polish, with no joy. T understands that you don't stand between a girl and her sparkly nail polish.

Scrabble. It took almost a whole day to find somewhere that sold a board in London, but we found it, and used it. Competitively and brutally. We're quite evenly matched T and I. When I win, I usually win by a large margin, but T often wins, and it's not infrequently by 1-5 points.

Tickets. I spend a lot of time and money on rail travel.

It seems to have become tradition for T to give me a Lindt Bunny at Easter. I'm not complaining. Remember THIS from last year?

Best London Bus advert EVER. Some people are gay. Get over it. 

I don't know if you can tell what both signs say in this picture... one is an ad for the new Sacha Baron Cohen movie The Dictator.... the one underneath... for a new Jewish Community Centre in NW8. The irony was not lost on us. I'd quite like to see the movie out of fascination when it comes out, but this trip T and I ended up going to see the Hunger Games. I really enjoyed it and I've read the books. I'm not going to review or go any deeper than that, because the world, his wife and his mistress have provided an opinion already.

Take out in Covent Garden specialising in sausages. Hours of entertainment doing German accents....

I wore my cat shoes a lot. Still a bit in love with them. I did a DIY tutorial type thing for them if you fancy creating some yourself.

Arrival and Departure. the joys of London Euston.

Bi-polar weather, the big black rain clouds over London as I left. It fitted my mood. I didn't want to leave. Most of the time, I actually like being in a long distance relationship. I get the impression that you're not supposed to say that, but I do. I have the support of my relationship, my partner, but we both have the time and space to focus on our careers, which we both value very highly. Tuesday evening. I didn't like it. Just for a little while, I wanted to stay. To be conventional. To be with the person who listens to my whinging, who makes me feel better when I'm miserable and who reminds me it will be alright in the end and if it's not the end then it's not alright.

So that's our weekend, our way. No big nights out this time, we were both too shattered. No crazy running about in the city. No epic discoveries. We ate. We wandered. We played Scrabble, we watched almost an entire series of Spooks. We watched a trashy move (Conair- one of my favourites!). Our weekend. Our way. It made us happy.

Also. A little side note...Some of you will remember I've been using Molome- the app similar to Instagram that is available for Android and BlackBerry amongst other platforms, but now Instagram is available for Android, I've made the move. So if you want to see my pictures as the come my username is chloelikestotalk.



Eloise said...

Oh god my boyfriend's now using instagram now that it's available for android : / he's stalking me!
And it sounds like a wins way to spend time in London, sometimes you rush so much that you don't end up enjoying yourself, and I feel your pain about the ibiza mix - I wants me it


Chloe said...

HA! I'm just glad T doesn't have Twitter. He talked about it recently but I threatened to block him if he tried to follow. A girl has got to have something to herself right?!

And exactly- we often put so much pressure on ourselves to 'make the most' of time away that we forget that actually we should be making the most of time with each other even if it is just watching TV or whatever.

Jazzy Elizabeth said...

Love your nails! x hivenn

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