Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Thought That Counts

Whilst in London recently, I desperately wanted to track down the Ibiza Mix polish (Models Own x Hed Kandi collaboration). Sadly, I couldn't find it, despite a tour of central London Boots stores by T and I. T, a man well accustomed to my nail polish habit and who has purchased not an inconsiderable part of my collection for me, came back from'errands' with these, a cheer up present because he knew I was gutted I couldn't find the polish I wanted and that I'd been suffering a bit with feeling under the weather. He's not a bad, is he.

From Top- Green Envy, Stormy Night, Midnight Blue

According to the shiny little labels on one side of the lids, these are limited edition and they're pretty. Shimmer and deep in colour, although quite wintery they actually work really well as a contrast to some of my brighter or lighter clothing... she says huddled up in a jumper and leggings and a cardigan and scarf and watching the rain pour down and having been sleeted on yesterday. 

So far I've worn the Midnight Blue shade. It's almost like denim on my nails and lasted really well- it managed 3 days with no topcoat and minimal wear. The only thing is that it needs 3 coats to get the optimum density of coverage. 2 would do at a push but 3 is definitely better. I only have this Instagram shot of it on. 

(You'll have to excuse the Duvet Nail bruising going on.... *cough* amateur *cough*)

Has anyone else tried the Models Own Pro range? I have to admit that I'm a whole lot more impressed with these than the standard polishes with which I've not been as enamoured as many are (I find they are quite difficult to apply and take AGES to dry then chip quite quickly). These apply evenly, they dry reasonably quickly, they're fine to get off again and they seem to have some decent staying power too. Personally, I'd rather purchase one of these than 2 of the standard ones- I believe the Pro range come in at £8 each as opposed to the £5 for the standard polishes. 



Georgia said...

Aww, bless T, that's really sweet. Great choices too! I love the greeny colour and want to try these now xx

Sarah said...

I saw a few days ago that the models own website had all the hed kandi shades in store, if you were one to order off the internet! I've never tried any of the Models Own Pro range, but the regular ones have been ok for me so far. xx

Eloise said...

Stormy Night looks really pretty! I need to sort my nails out before ibixa mixing them, spent the day cleaning and they're all chipped : (


Chloe said...

I just painted the green, and it's a lot more green on than it looks. As for T, he's not bad. Not at all. 

Chloe said...

Since this post, I've actually managed to get hold of Ibiza Mix, but my next move was to be online searching. 

Chloe said...

Stormy Night is the only one I haven't tried yet, but I've had similar burgundy/purples before and they go with so much. 

With the Ibiza Mix... Be warned, when taking it off, the glitter will end up EVERYWHERE!