Monday, May 7, 2012

Hard As Nails

It would be a rare day indeed for my nails not to be painted. This is mostly because my nails are so bendy and flakey that they'd just break if the didn't have something covering them. Thing is, I'm pretty lazy, I don't like having to repaint them too many times in a week so a decent top coat is essential.

For the last couple of months I've been using this

Models Own 3 in 1 Base & Top Coat (I never worked out what number 3 was...)

In short I don't like it. It takes forever to dry, and when it does it still bruises easily. It doesn't seem to protect my nails from chipping and it blurs my nail art pen. At a fiver, it wasn't a vastly expensive mistake, just an irritating one.

So last week, I set to finding a new topcoat. And this is what I found.

Sally Hansen Doubly Duty, Strengthening Base & Top Coat.

I'm a sucker for a 2 in one product, chuck in a cheap deal and I'm sold. I bought this from a local branch of Bodycare and it was just shy of £4 (I can't remember the exact price, sorry folks).

And the verdict? £4 well spent. Whether it is strengthening my nails or not, it's probably too soon to tell, but as a top coat, this may be love. It goes on smoothly, it dries quickly, it doesn't bruise- even when someone bashes your hands with rings on 20 minutes after you just finished painting them... and no chipping after 4 days of wear- probably a new record for me!

My local branch of Bodycare had a range of Sally Hansen products- which I know retail in  Boots for around £6-8 for £3-6, so if you use this brand regularly it would be worth a look.


P.S. There's still a day or so left on my eBay sales. I'm clearing out a few things that are a bit too big/I bough and didn't wear as much as expected including:

Kate Moss for Topshop dress (UK 14)

Zara Collection  leopard print dress (Medium)

Nike Hoodie Dress (Large)

Viva La Diva lace up heels (UK 4)

As well as a couple of DVD box sets and bits. Almost everything is selling for £5 or less and all proceeds to the Chloe Wants A New Dress To Go Out In For Her Birthday Fund....


Cass said...

I have been looking for a decent top coat. Might have to invest in this :) Thanks xx

Chloe said...

No problem, I was recommended to Sally Hansen ages ago but found the price tag a bit hefty. Well worth a hunt in a local Bodycare or Home Bargains etc.

Maria Fallon said...

I have never bothered with a topcoat, I just repaint my nails!

Maria xxx

Chloe said...

Aaaah, I envy you that. My poor hands are so abused that they wouldn't last a day without topcoat and I have no idea if I could actually manage repainting my nails that much- much as I'd love to match my nails to my outfit each day!

Caroline said...

My favourite topcoat is nearly empty and been discontinued so will keep a lookout for this one in bodycare! x

Chloe said...

Good Luck. It might well be easily available in Boots/Superdrug also, just seemed a good price in Bodycare.