Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hot House

If like me, you have problematic skin, the warm and sunny weather we're having here or that you might be heading to on holiday can be a bit tricky.

I do love the sun, and having suffered oily skin and nasty spots and blackheads on my face, my back and my chest, the sun has been a major help. The sun has dried my oily skin and often seems to prevent breakouts. However, sun cream was not an option. Not only did it prevent any of the good work done by the sun, it made my skin itchy. Subsequently, I spent many years not wearing any sun protection. I'm lucky that the short term issue of burning hasn't been problematic like many, I'm well aware of the long term risks associated with not protecting my skin from UV rays.

So here we go, a quick round up of some heroic products that I've recently found, ones that work with my problem skin AND provide me with some much needed SPF in my life.

First things first, a product that I've mentioned before.

This has been a truly fantastic daily moisturiser and I'll be mentioning more about that capacity next week, but more importantly for this post, it's SPF 15! I use this moisturiser every morning, and I now know that when I step out of the house,even though I made need a but more protection for stronger sunlight, I at least have a starting point. I also use this on my chest and shoulders as the moisturiser is completely oil free and a little goes a long way.

Boots No 7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream Normal/Oily, £12.50

So a bit of base protection sorted, probably the cleverest find of them all has been a bit of further protection. Imagine if you could use sun cream, that wasn't a cream? That you didn't need to try and find one that isn't oily or that doesn't irritate? Well I found it!

POWDERED SUNSCREEN! Sorry, even a year on, I still get a bit over excited at the thought of sunscreen that ticks all my boxes. The Bare Minerals SPF 30 comes in a couple of shades, and in the future I'd love to see a translucent one, because using it as make-up isn't my bag, but it buffs on using the brush that twists out of the tube and seems to last well through the day. It's also easy, mess free applications as it's contained in this twist up tube/brush format.

It doesn't come cheap at over £20, but that said, it goes a damn long way. I've used less than half of this tube in over a year, despite a 10 day holiday in the Canaries and use in the UK, and fairly heavy re-application in both locations. It's worth looking for in sales, as I've seen (and wish I'd bought) it for £12-15.

Bare Minerals SPF 30, £21.50 FeelUnique (the cheapest I've found for the moment)

Lips are easy to forget in the sun, but take it from me, you do not want them to burn. It hurts. The good news is that looking after your lips in the sun is cheap and easy. I use lipsalve pretty frequently, I have one in every handbag. It costs me £1 (or 2 for £1.50). SPF 15. Sorted.

Boots Lipsalve, £1.01

So now you've sorted your skin, I have one more hero. The Good Stuff.

WATER. We all know we're supposed to be drinking at least 2L of it a day, at the moment I'm getting through 3-4L a day due to medication which dehydrates me. When it's warm, we should all be drinking more. If you have a headache or feel a bit dizzy, you're already dehydrated, if you feel thirsty, you probably should have had a drink an hour ago. If you like a cheeky drink in the sun, match it with a glass of water- alcohol dehydrates you.

So there we go. If you have problem skin and have missed out on the sun, go forth and enjoy!


alexabella said...

omg never heard of the bareminerals powdered suncscreen before - looks amazing! This is such a helpful post:)

Chloe said...

HA! I've just left (another) essay comment on your blog about the No7 Beautiful Skin moisturisers! In short, do it! It's brilliant.

Chloe said...

Glad it's helpful for you, the powdered SPF has been pretty much life changing for me, and in my personal opinion is worthwhile, even at full price. 

Chloe said...

Well worth a try is traditional suncreams are difficult for you or you just fancy trying something a bit different. 

Caroline said...

The Bare Minerals powered sunscreen sounds great! x

Rosie said...

That powdered sunscreen sounds amazing! And I'm desperately hunting for great moisturisers at the moment so I'll definitely give that No7 one a try, sounds great! X