Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Voyage of Rediscovery

You might have seen from my post about my AWESOME Clark's purchases that I'm on a mission to be kinder to my feet by wearing sturdier shoes. But sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind, right?

Meet the cruellest kind shoes you'll ever come across.

They look so innocent don't they? With their pretty net trim and the cute pink polka dots. And they are sturdy, and waterproof and rubber soled. But they have a hidden evil. You see they rub. Like hell. And make my heels bleed.

But what makes this most heart breaking of all is that these are actually the 2nd pair of these exact shoes that I've had. And the first ones? They were my go to shoes for a 14 hour bar shift. They saw me through school, Sixth Form and uni, they were my shoe soulmate. And most of all, they really really didn't rub. Sadly, that pair also wore through the sole from too many 14 hour bar shifts with cut glass floors, and having bought the first pair in Germany I set to eBay, never really expecting to find a replacement, but snapped these up when I got 'lucky'.

They have been languishing at the bottom of my shoe storage for 3 years now. They've been to France, Germany, Spain, Wales and never before to have been defeated by shoes, I've decided the shoes and I REALLY need to sort our differences out. And I love them.

At present I'm working on trying to wear them on office days- my office is a mere 5 minute walk away and as it's just my parents and I, nobody really minds if I go barefoot if needs be. And I'm hoping that my heels will build a resistance and we can be bestest buds. Well here's hoping anyway... Any tips for breaking these babies would be greatly appreciated. But for now, here's to the journey.

Pst, here's a link for Draven... They are a US company, I'm not sure if they ship to the UK, but I'm desperate to find out because I WANT THESE SHOES

P.P.S. I'm selling yet more of my possessions on eBay... all proceeds to Chloe Wants A New Dress For Her Birthday fund and there's some great little bargains to be had including DVD's, clothing, brand new shoes and a webcam... You might also have noticed the eBay Tab below my header, which takes you straight to my listings...

Our house is currently on the market, so we're all on a mission to downsize, so stay tuned for many a bargain to come!


Maria Fallon said...

These are cute but I HATE breaking shoes in!

Maria xxx

Anthea said...

cute pink polka dots<3
would you like to follow each other? Axx

Alex said...

A wise person told me once that you should never have to break in a pair of shoes.  If they're uncomfy at the start, they'll always be uncomfy, just mildly less so.  Don't wreck your poor feet!  (obviously I ignore this advice if the shoes are pretty enough...)

Chloe said...

I do too, although along Alex's theory above, I try to buy shoes which don't feel as though they'll need it. It's just so disappointing as the predecessors were SO comfy.

Chloe said...

That wise person sounds bang on the money. I try not to buy shoes that feel uncomfortable, but I really really didn't expect these to be difficult as their predecessors were SO comfy and didn't need any breaking in, thankfully, I seem to be getting somewhere with them, and they're so pretty that I couldn't bear to part...