Sunday, June 17, 2012

All That Glitters

May not be gold (or my nail polish for that matter) but this is gold and it certainly  does have some sparkle.

Gold ring with Sapphire and Diamonds, gift

This ring was a gift from my grandmother last year, it was given to her by my (late) grandfather, we think sometime in the 80's (judging on the Diana-esque style...) and now she's struggling to get some of her jewellery on due to swelling in her hands, she's started giving bits and pieces to my mum and I.

Jewellery is a bit of a tradition in our family, my grandmother has a pretty massive collection, most of it given to her by my grandfather, and I'm starting to amass a fair bit myself, as jewellery has been my choice for gifts for lots of occasions like my 18th, 21st, etc, and I love that it has some meaning behind it. Having pieces like this are every bit as important too, as they are irreplaceable and of huge sentimental value as well as being beautiful.

It's taken me well over 6 months to get round to getting this resized by my local jeweller as I have sausage fingers compared to the rest of the women in my family, but I'm so glad I did, I love this ring, and cannot wait to wear it now it actually fits.

Is anyone else in love with sparkly things as much as I am? Do you think jewellery is a great way to remember special occasions? And what's you're most treasure piece of jewellery?

P.S. I'm selling more of my life on eBay including some Topshop Martha jeans, THIS versatile dress- bare legs if the sun comes out, tights and a jacket for the more realistic expectations of BST... and some bits of my mum's which she never got the chance to wear before she started losing weight- THIS sequinned tunic would be lovely for a wedding or a night out...

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Rachael said...

Such a lovely ring - always love inherting rings, love knowing that they have a history behind them.

Maria Fallon said...

I love anything sparkly and this is beautiful! 

Maria xxx

Chloe said...

I'm a sucker for older pieces with stories too. My dad designed an eternity ring for my mum for her 40th birthday, love that it's unique and so special.

Chloe said...

Cheers you, I just got it resized this weekend so wearing it incessantly.

Chloe said...

thank you. The history on my grandmothers jewellery will always be special for me, as I only knew my grandfather very briefly.

Tanesha Stafford said...

I love jewellery that has been passed down a generation, my favourite and special jewellery is a ring my mum bought me and I never take it off :)


Chloe said...

That sounds lovely, my mum has tiny tiny fingers, but her rings are beautiful.