Thursday, June 21, 2012

I'm In Deep

Can I get a little jig of joy or squeaky noise that I only have one more exam to sit now?! Please? This time tomorrow I will be done, jabbed, and enjoying an ENORMOUS cup of coffee (in the absence of the ability to drink a cocktail).

In the mean time, the realisation that having an appointment today meant I would in fact need to leave the house ergo also put on some actual clothes and some make up. I didn't think it would be light enough to get these photos, as Cumbria sure knows how to see in the Olympic Torch- with pouring rain and wind... but my little alcove continues to serve me well.

Denim Leggings, Primark
Jumper, DIY (HERE)

I also had a bit of a fiddle with my hair today. I have tried many types of curls in my hair and have never really found a style that's suited me right. I had never tried just doing the ends, so I thought I'd give that a go, the result is something I really like, and provided I can find a way to keep them from falling out in 10 minutes flat, I'll be replicating it, as it only took around 8-10 minutes to do with my GHD straighteners. I think the sit a bit more naturally on my tiny head and side parting...

Poser... Moi?

These are iPhone photos, as it has a front on camera, it's the only way I can get a steady picture of myself...

Right, better get back to murder and theft... exam topics rather than the crimes themselves... however tempting they may be at times.

 If you fancy a nose through my eBay goodies, I'm still trying to sell some bits. I'm going to be moving house in around 6 weeks time, so my mum and I are downsizing with particular attention to clothes that are now to big for her or too small for me.... There's some real bargains on some never or barely worn clothes, you can see all my eBay goodies on the eBay Tab under my header or HERE. My local charity shops aren't accepting donations and I REALLY don't want to have to throw this stuff out. 



daisychain said...

Aah Chloe,
your hair looks AMAZING x

Ani said...

When you figure out a way to keep the curls in, let me know. My hair is impossible and even my hair dresser is at his wits' end how to keep my hair anything but straight!
I'm sadly too lazy to stud a jumper myself, but it looks great!

Gemma Davison said...

I love your DIY jumper, it is so cute!
Gems x

Fashion, Well Done

Sarah Wright said...

Ooh, I love your outfit and the curls are really pretty! Good luck with your last exam :D ♥

Sarah ^.^

Chloe said...

Thanks Gems, I'm super pleased with it.

Chloe said...

I will gladly be sharing the knowledge if and when I can find it!

Chloe said...

Thanks Laura, rather pleased, just wish I could find a way to make it stay put.

Chloe said...

Thanks Sarah, you're very kind.

Rosie said...

Your hair is gorgeous, HOW did you do that with GHDs? I was shown by a hairdresser once but never managed to replicate what she did (always the way). Your jumper is awesome and I love those shoes, you really are convincing me to check out Clarks now!

Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

Chloe said...

It's quite difficult to explain, if there's enough interest I might do a video, but otherwise it may be worth a look on YouTube?
Thanks re the Jumper, it's my new favourite, love DIY's, I'm always stupidly proud and the shoes are AWESOME. GO LOOK AT CLARKS! Also, if you sign up to their newletter, the send out reasonably regular discount codes (all of my pairs have been purchased with 20% off).

daisychain said...

Aah Chloe,
your hair looks AMAZING x