Monday, June 11, 2012

Left My Heart in Tokyo

For some reason, Uniqlo is one of those shops I always forget about, until I'm in London. Which is frustrating because it's a shop I really, truly love.

For those not familiar, Uniqlo is a Japanese brand, and they specialise in cool basics with a trend twist. They've done collaborations with German designer Jil Sander (the popular J+ range) and more recently Orla Kiely and Laura Ashley.

Don't be fooled when I say basics. Uniqlo is far from boring. But their pieces are staples. One of my favourite items was the purple wool dress (it finally gave up the ghost this year, when I wore holes in the elbows...) I wore HERE. This Green Jumper is also a firm favourite.

It's a couple of years old, but still going strong. From memory it cost around £20.

 I saw some beautiful jersey skirts instore with their pleats and dipped hems are bang on for this seasons skirt trends. Uniqlo seem to specialise in all the things that I seem to miss from my wardrobe the most- shirts I can wear with jeans or a pencil skirt, a jumper that is a classic shape but a colour that grabs your attention.

But by far the best thing about Uniqlo is their price point. I like a bit of Primark as much as the next person. I love being able to pick something up that I can wear and not worry about if I'm not so fond of it after a season or if it's maybe not fit for much after wearing it for uni or work incessantly. But I also understand thae value in paying a bit more. When I first wandered into Uniqlo I genuinely expected it to be out of my price range, I don't usually expect to look at something of Merino Wool and be willing to pay what's on the price tag, but the jumper above are a clear example of their good value. That my jumper is still going strong, and that my dress lasted as long as it did, are indicators of just how good the quality of their items are. But that neither item cost more than £20 makes me a very happy little bunny.

So behold my latest Uniqlo purchase...

That's right. City Shorts. If you could have seen the joy expressed on my little face when I found a whole corner of the Oxford St store dedicated to shorts... It might even have been ecstasy. I've been desperate for a replacement pair or 2 of longer shorts for a while as my favourite Spanish pair are really on their last legs- there's really only so many times a girl can repair the seams on something... but my problem has been find the right style and the right fabric. Needless to say it's taken a while.

These beauties feel like a cross between lightweight denim and linen, which is not surprising given that they are 98%cotton content. The fit is dream like and true to my earlier swooning over Uniqlo value, they cost just shy of £20. They're so brilliant, I bought this pale pair and a a pair in black (as direct replacements for my Spanish pair). They also come in a blush pink and sandy colour too.

I'd love to get back to Uniqlo soon, as they have a brilliant selection of Hello Kitty Tees- yes I'm actually 3 years old, not 23, and Barbie designs (see last clause...). Uniqlo do have an online store, but for some reason I can never find anything I like on the site. Which is particularly odd as it's a simple, clean and easy to navigate site. I just don't find it attractive or inspiring in the same way as the stores. More perseverance needed on my part I feel.

A quick heads up that Uniqlo also do similarly awesome mens wear too. It's probably the signle best introduction I have ever made for T, he promptly spent a small fortune their stocking up on Polo shirts, linen shirts and shorts. It's proven highly useful for him as his uniform favourite combo is jeans/chinos/shorts and a polo shirt...

Have you ever bought from Uniqlo? Does anyone else find the same problem with the website? And what's been your best purchase?

P.S. This isn't a sponsored post, I'm just sharing my Uniqlo love.


Thank you for all the really lovely and supportive comments on my post Nobody Ever Said It Would Be This Hard. Whilst I like to keep CLTT as mostly a place for positive things in my life, it's also a little bit of a therapeutic thing, sometimes putting something down in print or on paper is how I get them straight in my head, and the support that comes from sharing that in blogging is immeasurable. So thank you, and I try to leave replies for all the comments on CLTT.


Caroline said...

I love Uniqlo, I wish they had more stores in the UK! I really like the collaborations they often do, I recently bought a tee from their Lulu Guinness collection. My most worn purchase from them would have to be my Cath Kidston tee! 
Caroline x


Adaisychaindream said...

I always forget about Uniqlo, but what I do have from there, I love!

Lizzy Martin said...

I love Uniqulo. They did a really nice range of cat T-shirts last year which I lusted after constantly!

Chloe said...

I'd love it if there were more stores, but I think I'm just going to have to get to grips with the website. Lulu Guiness sounds like an awesome collaboration, I'm definitely in the market for some of their tees at the moment. 

Chloe said...

I get annoyed that I always forget about it because it ticks so many of my boxes, and like you everything I've had, I love.

Chloe said...

Ooooh, Cat Tees. How did I miss out on these. DAMN IT!

Rosie said...

I am exactly the same in that I've only ever bought things from in the store. Bought a couple of really nice shirts for a previous boyfriend in there once actually. But haven't bought anything from the website, I have no idea why! Going to have a quick nose around it now :) xxx

Alex said...

I wonder if the website is less easy to buy from because of the simplicity of the items? I don't know if I explain that very well but it's the same reason why I never buy basic things like black cardigans and white shirts online - just because they're so simple, they have to be just right and I only get that assurance if I've seen the stuff in person.

They need more stores outside London!

Chloe said...

I intro'd T to Uniqlo when I was there, he spent a ridiculous amount of money, having found somewhere that supplies reasonably priced clothes that fit him. He's a lover of polo shirts, and they sell really nice ones in a load of different colours. Hope you find something pretty on the website, I'm trying to persevere, particularly as you can sign up to their newsletter and get £5 off your first order! 

Chloe said...

I do know exactly what you mean, maybe that's it. It's pretty stupid on my part because I know their sizing now (it's consistent and EVERYTHING) and would happily buy online. I think also, because the images are of the item just laid out flat rather than on a person, it is more difficult to see what you're looking at.