Sunday, August 5, 2012

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Heads up ladies and gentlemen! I'm going to be a little absent for the next week or so. Having just moved house, I'm lacking in decent phone signal let alone an internet connection, and many of you will know I'm on the graduate job hunt, which is pretty time consuming, although somewhat sole destroying that despite having a qualifying law degree and speaking 3 modern languages, I'm seemingly less employable than I'd like!

Currently I'm visiting family, and also catching up with T who arrived back in the UK a few weeks earlier than expected. Many of you will have seen my excitable tweets- and thanks as ever go to everybody who's been so supportive when it's been difficult and so pleased that things are good too.

You will still be able to catch me on Twitter... oh and Instagram, so shout me there, but please don't be shocked if for a week or so CLTT is a bit quiet.

Hasta Luego friends!

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connieberry said...

Totally can relate to the graduate job hunt, who knew no one wanted to hire me?! Good luck with yours :) Cx