Sunday, August 19, 2012

Battle of the Brands

I didn't intend for Battle of the Brands to become a regular feature, it was just a title for a post, but seeing as I had such an great response to it, I decided to do another and see how it goes.

You can read the last BOTB HERE where I contrasted Bobbi Brown with MUA. This time we're talking Bronzer. 

I'll be honest and say bronzer has never been massively on my radar, but I do use it when on holiday in warm countries or sometimes when the sun ever (HA) shines here. This weekend was one of those miraculous occurences and I dragged out my (far too) ancient bronzer in an attempt to make myself look demi-human before zipping out for an emergency film run.

Yup. So Ancient the text has worn off. 

It was certainly pricey. I bought this on a Spanish holiday more years ago than I truly care to admit to, and even then it was around £20 whilst for some that may not seem extortionate, it was, and for a product that I rarely use, still is to me.

The first to not with this is that the lid broke the first time I ever used it, so packaging wise we're on a losing front. That said, it has a pump system that puts product into the brush so no need for extra tools and great for on the go.

But. There's always a but. There is most definitely a need for a further brush- I've been using a large powder brush to blend the bronzer. It most definitely needs buffing and blending so as not to appear like crayon lines across your face, and it can be quite difficult to gauge how much product is on the applicator brush meaning you can end up being unintentionally heavy handed with it. Maybe not so travel friendly....

It's a reasonably lasting product, I can certainly leave it all day without any worry of it going anywhere, and it cleanses off just fine too. So all in all not a bad product. I guess just not as much wow as I expect from something that costs me about 4 hours worth of pay....

But this is BATTLE of the BRANDS plural. So compare and contrast. This pretty little concoction- a bit similar to Bobbi Brown, Dior and other high end bronzing/blush brick products comes in at £3 (special offewr, RRP £4.50) from George at Asda. Not the cheapest on the market, not a bank breaker either. It caught my eye, I thought I'd give it a whirl.

I used a Kabuki brush to apply this and it gives a lovely rose gold colour, a fine mist of product seems to end up all over the place though, which is frustrating in a small space. The mix of colours means that a lot less blending is required compared to the Lancome bronzer, which I like, but it only stays put for 4-6 hours compared to a full day. Not disastrous, just not great either.

Having paid less for the Asda brick, I probably expected less, but that in turn means it's not as good a value perhaps, as a more expensive product that really blows me away. Whilst I wouldn't slate the George Product, I wouldn't rate it either, I wouldn't hurry to repurchase this another time, and I'm slightly disappointed after a great experience with some other George at Asda cosmetics. And for the sake of a bit of blending, certainly no more or less effort than is generally required for my mineral make up anyway, the Lancome product actually wins out in staying power, and truly- in value too, because I don't think the Asda product will still be going after *ahem* 6 *ahem* years.

I'd hesitate to declare an all out winner here, despite my leanings to Lancome. I can't help feeling that there's something more out there. Thus, ladies. I think we have... a draw.

And P.S. I have some real bargains on eBay at the moment including a skincare starter kit at 99p, an iPod docking station, some Hugo Boss Perfume and a gorgeous embellished dress that my mother has slimmed out of. You can also find all my eBay items by following the eBay tab under my header. 


Winnie said...

I always wonder about brands that come out with shimmer brick-esque blush/bronzers. The George one looked promising but it's also not surprising that it didn't work out as well as expected. I personally don't really use bronzers but in the past have bought blushers that are more orange-rusty toned which basically give the same kind of look - which is sometimes perfect on a Summers day/evening!

Chloe said...

I think sometimes it's a bit of pot luck- I've had some great products from the George at Asda range (Nail polish!) but this one is a little disappointing. It's also not outrageously expensive, but then it's not the cheapest to try either, and I'd definitely be disappointed if I'd paid the full price for it too.

I am feeling the blush with rust or gold tones instead of bronzer, I agree, perfect for summer, and personally- a bit more 'me'. Have you ever tried one of the shimmer bricks that you liked?