Sunday, August 12, 2012

Keep Calm and Marry On

Last weekend I spent a large proportion of my time traversing the country- oh the joys. But for a couple of special occasions.

Storms a brewing as I got into East Anglia, the most epic train food EVER, Pimms on a sunny afternoon in Clapham, Train Face (I was a tiny weeny bit hungover thanks to my dad's over generous refilling of my wine glass the night before....)

Firstly- HE'S HOME! T landed back in the UK, a few weeks earlier than originally planned and then a whole 24 hours earlier than expected. Happy doesn't even begin to cover it, and I have no shame for the squeal I let out in the car park where he met me on Saturday.

Think this about sums it up, yes?!

Secondly, my awesome awesome cousin/uncle/whatever he is is getting MARRIED! Him and his partner Charlie had an epic engagement party at Hed Kandi Clapham last weekend (they're both club/bar managers so I expected nothing less glamorous!

Michael- I don't have any pictures of my favourite boys together, but this awesome flashing sign was made for their party by a friend of theirs!

Hello Kandi Cocktails... my poison of choice- with Watermelon!

Oh, and another, y'know, minor tiny detail... I've moved. Part of the reason things have been a little quiet is that we've moved out of our house and it was all a bit touch and go in the lead up, but this was the story of last week....

Boxes, Removals, Empty, GONE!

Monty was NOT a happy camper with all the disruption, strange people and things moving from where they were supposed to be!

I don't actually have a reliable internet connection- or phone signal for that, at the new place, so things may be a little up and down just for a while, but after this week, I think I'm back in the swing of things. Life goes on- business has to be seen to, and fresian Spaniels have to be placated.

I'm off to scoff Thai Curry which T has acquiesced to cooking for me,  I'm getting to see him twice in 7 days, so I'm milking it for all it's worth! Happy weekend folks.


mrs_sock said...

Just. YAAAAAAAAY. Enjoy every second xx

Maria Fallon said...

HOORAY T is back! Glad you are making the most of it and yay for moving and going to a wedding, I love celebrating :)

Maria xxx

Chloe said...

Thanks Maria, really enjoying having him back around and so pleased for my favourite boys, can't wait for the wedding!