Saturday, September 22, 2012

High Brow

A couple of cheeky beauty buys to share with you today. I show them off a bit sooner but life is a bit hectic at CLTT HQ so I've really only had time to play today having been told to have a guilt free day off by my parents... (still trying to fathom why...)

Anyway, a little while back I indulged in an offer on lash extensions, I opted for some very natural lashes, and they were great whilst they lasted, but I couldn't justify the long term cost of keeping them up all the time. The downside- now they've all come off, my eyelashes are looking a little.... bare.

I do have one set of false eyelashes, but they're very much occasion lashes, and I'm not sure I'm ready to be an everyday eyelash kinda girl, but I haven't yet found a mascara that does length and lift and volume to my satisfactory level WITHOUT costing half a months pay.

So when I realised I'd forgotten aforementioned occasion lashes when going out last weekend, I happened across these in an emergency Boots run... and I think I've found a reasonable part time solution. Behold.

This pack cost £5.50 (ish) which I didn't think was too horrific for a full priced set of Eyelure lashes from Boots at Kings Cross station. Normally I'd hunt around in Bodycare/Pound Shops/Home Bargains etc to find a better price for these, but it was an emergency and bright parks may have noticed the Buy One Get One Free element (the other pair are about, just not in the pack).

Reasons I love these- they're not in your face, true to their name (Naturalites) they are subtle, they give some extra volume, they have a nice lift, they also don't run the full length of my own lash line meaning they don't irritate the inner corners of my eyes. In short, pretty good for £2.75 a pair in an emergency. I'm not sure they'll be an everyday solution, but they're good for girlie practice and a few days/the weekend.

Second beauty buy was a bit more considered. I'm not hugely 'in to' eyebrows, but I have realised that making even a small effort to keep their natural shape tidy, and using a pencil to define them does help to frame my features, and although it's subtle, it's a worthwile 30 seconds.

My problem this far is that I'm not exactly great at making an even shape, so I don't wax/pluck very much at all to avoid disasters- and I quite like my natural shape anyhow. I also have had a go at using a handed-down-from-my-mum-who-is-10-steps-ahead-of-me HD Brows pencil, but I'm not that sold on it, and when I saw this on the ELF website (whilst having a stock up during their 30% off event) I thought it might be good to try something new.

E.L.F Eyebrow Collection, £6.00

Stencils for my not so steady hands and slightly dodgy eyes, tweezers a decent brush to use with wax and powder, and a setting gel. I thought this was a pretty good deal, as the powder and wax are the main components of the Studio Eyebrow Kit which does have the benefit of being a bit more travel/handbag friendly (and something I'm considering purchasing at £3.75, for my travel makeup)

The stencils and products are great value- they work, they're easy to use, they do what they say.

Face, Bare Minerals foundation (medium beige), Bare Minerals Ready blush (aphrodisiac), ELF Mineral Booster (sheer)
Lips, MUA Cosmetics x Love Hearts lip balm (kiss me)
Eyes, Eyelure Naturalites lashes

Subtle is how I like it... and subtle is the effect with my limited skillz. I couldn't bring myself to spend big bucks on an HD Brows product such as their palettes, but for me, £6 -30% was worth it to get the stencils alone to help me steady my hand and the brush is fabulous- exactly the right size with a handle that really works for controlled movement, and at £3.75, for a subtle help in defining my features, I think the wax/powder palette would be world a repurchase at a later stage.

So there we have it, in my expert words.... if you like your beauty to be a subtle enhancement, these are both products I'd recommend, I also think both were good value- in particular the lashes, and I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for BOGOF packs when out and around.

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