Thursday, September 27, 2012

How Much Is Your Face Worth (And How To Reduce The Numbers)

No doubt you will have seen plenty of people totting up the cost of their make up recently- how much their daily face actually costs, and I'll be honest, I find it fascinating, mostly because it reminds how many products it takes to look fabulous each day.

I could do a post of how much my everyday (and to be fair, most of my other looks too...) face costs, but instead, I thought I'd do it differently- How you can save some money on your much loved products and looks.

SO, first up: FACE:

I use:

Bare Minerals Foundation- RRP £24
E.L.F Mineral Boost- RRP £7
Bare Minerals Blush- RRP £19

Yeah... £50 is quite a lot isn't it...Thing is, I have never and would never pay £50 for this bunch

Tip one- Keep your eye out for sales and use them to stock up
I used bought my foundation in the sale, it cost £18.I didn't need a new one when I bought it, but I also knew I'd need it before another deal this good came along.

I bought my E.L.F. Mineral boost during a 50% off event, and even though E.L.F don't break the bank, they have such good deals, and they come around really frequently, that it's worth holding off, then stocking up if you use something regularly.

Tip two- Look out for alternatives
Sticking with my E.L.F. mineral boost for a moment... it's worth looking into lower cost alternatives for some items. Bare Minerals produce a similar product, designed as a finishing powder and I also use it as a base, it costs £20. Not only do I get twice as much product in my E.L.F. version, it's also just as good.

Be wary though, sometimes a cheaper alternative might not be good value if you have to replace it more often, or you're not happy with the result.

Tip three- Don't dismiss gift sets
It can be easy to look over gist sets as something you don't need, but for some brands and products, they offer excellent value (although be sure to check that you'll use all of the products, if not for yourself, as part of gifts or swaps) on products you know and love, as well as giving you the opportunity to try something new.

This blush came as part of a 5 part set, and all 5 products were things I knew I would use, the set cost £35 and the value of the items within was at least £70 RRP. Oh- and I never would have picked the shade, but it has ended up being one of my favourites- not bad for £7

So from £50 to £28.50... heading towards the half way mark... Next: EYES

I use:

Bobbi Brown Ultra Nude Palette- RRP £39
Bare Minerals Prime Time Brightening Primer- RRP £16
Eyelure Naturalites False Lashes- RRP £5.49

Tip four- Stay in the good books
I'm fortunate enough to have a beauty obsessed Aunt, if there's a new product, she has to try it, but often she ends up with things that she doesn't use/like/want. Lucky for me, my Aunt also doesn't have an internet connection or any IT skills, so we swap. I hook her into the latest discounts and dupes, she passes on things like this Bobbi Brown palette, which she had used just two or three times. It cost me a £7 E.L.F. Mineral Boost and a glass of wine. The moral of the story- keep in with friends and relatives who enjoy their beauty products, whether it's a costly product or a budget one, swapping with each other can reduce the cost of errors or trials, help recycle and freshen up your made-up bag at low cost.

Tip five- Shop around and outside of just your usual haunts
These eyelashes I spoke about recently, and they were a great deal, the pack was a BOGOF deal and therefore each pair cost £2.75 each. I only found them because I was on an emergency run, but it reminded me to keep my eyes peeled everywhere I go.
This theory applies on a number of products- it's always worth a scout in your local Pound Shops, BodyCare, discount stores, supermarkets and beauticians if you're in the vicinity because you never quite know what you're going to find.
BUT- be wary- do you really need 2 of something/another one because it's cheap/one just in case/solely because it's on offer? Cheap cosmetics can be fab, but buying something you don't need/won't use/have nowhere to keep is wasteful of both money and product, and isn't good value.

So... Eyes total £60.49 RRP, actual cost: £14.75 (Primer as with blush, from gift set)

Total actual cost so far £43.25 On to: LIPS

I Use:

Boots Lipsalve- RRP £1.01
MUA Lipstick- RRP £1

Tip six- Budget brands
Cheap make-up can be awful, I recall the nasty nasty sticky lipsticks and orange pressed powders many girls in my year were using aged 13/14/15. But budget make-up has come a long way in the last few years, and not just in providing a low cost look-alike for the products the big boys market on. The likes of MUA have really outdone themselves here, and this lipstick is a favourite, and one of the first I've ever used. I looked at the MUA stand purely because it had been well stocked in a local Superdrug and the selection of lipsticks was great, as well as there being testers for all shades, and have never looked back. Budget brands provide some fab products, so don't turn your nose up, dive in and have a try!

And finally, Tip seven- Use your loyalty
Lots of shops now have loyalty schemes, Boots have been doing them for years. I use my Boots card to save up for something expensive (at the moment, perfume), and make sure I purchase anything I need when I get my extra points vouchers, and then team it up with 3 for 2/£5 off/5 million points with the purchase of any Swiss made hair removing dog feeding contraption etc. So whilst I might have spent £1.01 on my lip balm, which is a daily essential for me, it all goes towards the bottle of Gucci perfume I have my eye upon, which should cost around £50, but will in fact cost me the free money earned by spending on things I need anyway.

So the total cost of my daily face? Well, based on RRPs it should be £112.50. That's a number that makes me wince a bit, and it certainly would if that's what I had paid. Total ACTUAL cost of my face....

Less than half! I'm impressed with that as someone who hasn't always been financially savvy and who never thought of themselves as thrifty particularly. 

If you have tips on how you save money whilst still having the products you love, I want to hear them!

PST- E.L.F. Currently have 50% off your order using SEPT50 at the checkout

*goes to check what needs stocking up up on*



Rosanna von Waldherr said...

This is such a funny post!!! I quite enjoyed reading it! Never thought about this...gotta go see how much €€€ worth of make-up I have =P


Roisin Elizabeth Keats said...

That's amazing how much you've saved by being smart - definitely going to start checking out - I've always stayed away as I argue that I like the experience of going into the counter and having the products applied, but for things like foundation etc that I know I'm going to re-purchase and use then I'll definitely start looking on here.

Chloe said...

I've seen numbers from 100-350... it's a scary set of figures to think about what we put on our faces.

Chloe said...

I agree that with new products, trying before buying is a good thing, and sometimes it's great to splurge, but I couldn't imagine paying full price regularly.

FashionBandit said...

Great post Chloe! I've actually not bought anything from Elf before - but heard good things. I use so many products I'd hate to work out how much it is all worth! haha!

My latest post:

Maria Fallon said...

I dread to think how much my face costs, I need to try ELF out, so many people have raved about them!

Maria xxx

Chloe said...

Some of their products are great, so well worth a look. Also great for handbag fodder like lipstick/balm. I was a bit nervouse about how much it would all cost, but I'm reassured that I'm quite good at saving money on it all!