Saturday, November 10, 2012

Recently I'm Wearing

It's official, I'm now moved in with my partner in the big bad city, and the red carpet is set to become the new feature in my What I Wore Today pictures.

So, what have I been wearing recently... behold

Steve Madden boots, H&M coat, Shaun Leane pearl ring & cat ears ring c/o the lovely Daisy Chain Dream
A cold day outfit, the day I decided it would be sensible, recommended even, to move the vast majority of my belongings from Cumbria to London, using public transport. Yeah... I wouldn't recommend it. 

Topshop cat slippers, Uniqlo ankle length trousers, Topshop flecked tee, moustache ring c/o the lovely Temporary:Secretary, ASOS necklace
All dressed up, nowhere to go, I was due to meet my aunt, but she wasn't feeling so great. I ended up changing and painting my hideously scruffy nails instead. 

Topshop leather jacket with removable faux fur collar. More on this to come since I've been reunited with it!

Topshop peter pan collared tunic, Steve Madden boots, Unknown waterfall jersey cardigan
My final 'proper day' in my old job. I'm actually covering some holiday very soon, but I'm not really counting that, as I will have started my shiny new proper job. The meltdown following the realisation that leggings and tunics won't cut it in a proper office has hit. Any suggestions on affordable work wear that is more interesting than a skirt suit would be much appreciated.

Huge thanks to Daisy Chain Dream and Skinnydip. I seem to be on a winning streak just at present, and this little beauty couldn't have come at a better time as my old phone case went walk about at a house party a couple of weeks ago. And this one is SO much better.

Another giveaway that I won was a wonderful collection of 5 rings from Temporary:Secretary. She really is the sweetest, and this 'tache ring is just perfect for Movember. I was fortunate to win a third giveaway just this week too, and I'm looking forward to sharing the prize. I think you'll agree that it's both generous and beautiful!

Happy weekend folks. I have tomorrow to prepare before starting my shiny new job on Tuesday. I'm a touch nervous now it's rolling round, but excited too.


Maria Fallon said...

Eek exciting times on the job front! I like H&M form nice non frumpy stuff and places like M&S have nice stuff that tends to last a bit longer!

Maria xxx

Chloe said...

Exciting indeed, but I am really enjoying it. H&M have been a go to so far, I've struggled to find anything nice from M&S, except underwear... ASOS sale has saved my life though, with 2 dresses for £30.