Sunday, November 18, 2012

Recently I'm Wearing

A special edition of Recently I'm Wearing... from all the good wishes I received on Tuesday, a lot of you have seen my tweets, and know that I had my first week in my shiny new job. I'm now based in East London, and even got a bit over excited when I found out just how close I am to a blogger I rather admire (shout out Big Fashionista) and got even more excited when I received invites to a couple of blogger events. Sadly, the Clothing At Tesco preview I was very kindly invited to on Wednesday, I didn't end up making because I was late leaving work- and so it begins. But I'm super excited to be a bit closer to 'the Action'. 

 First Day Face.
First Day outfit. I opted for this printed shift dress from George @ Asda (some time ago) and a gunmetal glittery belt from F21, and unseen, but unsurprisingly, Clarks flats.

Another working week outfit: ASOS dress (c/o a voucher from an Aussie giveaway last year), Spanish Scar and Clarks flats.
Details- the crochet inset on the dress, glittery nails and my Shaun Leane ring from the Blackthorne collection. apple headphones optional.

I have to admit, I was a little concerned about dressing for a proper job. Although I've been working in an office for a few years, it's beyond relaxed- as in leggings and a jumper is perfectly acceptable. There's also my penchant for glitter- glittery shoes, glittery accessories, glittery nails, glittery hair clips... you get the picture. It was super difficult to tell from my initial interviews how conservative or not my office would be, because I was interviewed entirely by male staff, and I didn't see any of the female staff when I briefly got a tour of the office. Shirts and ties are all well and good for guys, but as a girl- and one who wears a dress and jacket better than a suit, I was left wondering how well or not my style hodge podge putting together of glitter and simple dresses would go down.

I decided to front it out on my first day. In the end I decided that it's better to start as I mean to go on- with accents of my personality, but keeping it modest and professional. Blood red nails with gold gradient glitter and a skinny gunmetal grey belt... how offensive could it possibly be?

I'm glad I stuck to my guns, turns out the other 2 women in our office, who are lovely BTW, follow the same theory as I do. Professional, smart, but with a bit of personality through colour or lanyards decidedly more interesting than the ones we are issued by security for our passes.

I'm interested to hear about your office style- I could do with all the help available. I realised this week, that I really really need some more work appropriate clothes. Thankfully the ASOS sale has come to the rescue, and I'm hoping my couple of purchases will be the top up required. Now just to wait on their arrival...

Despite only starting my job last week, I find myself back in the North now. No, I haven't sacked it off just yet, my new employers very kindly agreed to give me a week's leave to cover one last holiday for my parents. I got up at STUPIDOCLOCK yesterday to leave with them and get the train up from Birmingham international. I've never been so pleased to see this...

The largest cup of coffee I could buy from Costa Coffee. Birmingham 0445.

And right now, I have a roast for one cooking up, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban DVD playing, and a huge cup of tea in hand. It's nice to have some down time, but having moved in with T, it's now a bit strange having a whole flat to myself up here.

Happy Sunday everybody. Keep warm.


Maria Fallon said...

Glad you are settling in OK!

Maria xxx

Chloe said...

Thank you- a bit up and down as this week is turning out to be miserable except for my working day, but there you go! Onwards.