Sunday, January 13, 2013

Nailing It

Nothing like a good old nail fad to get everybody going- nail art pens.... glitter.... duo-chrome.... OPI collections.... yeah you know I'm right. And now it's the nail beads/caviar whatever you want to call them. Naturally, because I'm a bit slow on the uptake, I couldn't get the ones I wanted straight up, which FYI were these MUA ones in Scorpio which cost £2 RRP, but that I ended up having on a recent 3 for 2 offer.

I had horrid visions of mess, chipping, general frustration and frankly... ineptitude.

BUT- girl done good. 

This is day 2 of wear, and with only a small number missing from the tip, I'm impressed by that. 

I use a cheapo black base coat, then an old top coat which has gone ever so slightly sticky, and sprinkled the  'constellations' from the funnel thingy onto the wet top coat. I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of mess, and having followed the instructions, how well covered my nail was. 

I gave my very on trend (ahem) accent nail a bloody huge drips healthy coat of top coat to seal, and be warned, as the packaging does say, that this will mute the colours a little. I can't imagine every day life treating these very kindly without though, so I think it would be party/function nights only to brave without a topcoat, and I think they still look lovely with the topcoat.

Not bad for a £2 novelty that I was fully expecting to spend the rest of the year rolling about cluttering up my nail box and/or that I'd be finding for months in my clothes/shoes/washing machine.  



Jesss said...

Ah I love the look of these but I've been too scared to try them because I'm just expecting mess everywhere! I might have to give them a go now, the MUA ones are so cheap :) xo

Firstkisstime said...

I just bought the MUA Libra ones, they're gorgeous! I can't wait to try them out but yeah I get what you mean about the impracticality of these. I could never wear them at work xxx

Maria Fallon said...

This looks great! I have never tried nail art- I would definitely just mess it up!

Maria xxx

Charlie said...

Ahh this looks gorgeous, I've been thinking about getting the Pisces one. Think I might pick one up when I go shopping next week! xx

Chloe said...

I rarely manage to simply paint my nails without making a mess, but this was by far the easiest and tidiest nail art I've ever tried.

Chloe said...

Mine were fine for a day or so at work- although I'm mostly office based, so it's not too problematic.

Chloe said...

The look like the should be super messy, but so long as you're gentle and use a bowl to catch the excess, it's just fine. Go for it.