Monday, March 11, 2013

God Love A Cyclist... Nobody Else Will

I've had a driving licence for 5 and a half years, the last time (before I bought my baby) I got on a bike was 10 (and the rest) years ago. I am well schooled in the nation's sport of Cyclist Hating.

I thought being a cyclist might change my mind a little bit, getting to see the other side of the story, as it were. You know what, I can honestly say, I HATE cyclists.

Why would you take to the road wearing dark clothes. Without a helmet. Without lights. Without any high vis. Without so much as a nod towards reflective item. In the dark. WHY?

WHY would you and your two wheels fuelled by solely your own legs hit the A13 into London, fighting with morning traffic and buses when there's a huge, blue pavement extension dedicated to cyclist, otherwise known as a Cycle Superhighway? WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?

Why would you and your mean machine hit up a busy pavement near a primary school when there's a huge green metre set into the side of the road dedicated to you and your precious, otherwise known as the London Cycle Network. WHY?

And for the love of all things in motion WHY would you and your precious STOP. At the side of a road. 3 metres away from the traffic lights. Which are green. For no reason. WHY? WHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHY?

I love my bike- although I'm yet to learn to love the increased size of my quad muscles, I have seen some truly beautiful sights on my trips to and from work, and I'm saving about £10 per week in travel costs as well as getting some much needed exercise. but bloody hell, I hate cyclists.

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Maria Fallon said...

I see so many cyclists who have no idea of basic road safety without helmets or hi-vis jackets on and it terrifies me!

Maria xxx