Sunday, March 3, 2013

In My Mind. In My Head.

Yeah, been a bit quiet around here of late, hasn't it. February shaped up to be a month of madness between mine & T's personal schedules as well as work being utter mayhem. I'm not apologising, my blog is my hobby, and the only commitment I make is to not just post rubbish for the sake of it. So what's been a happening....

Well.... I was lucky enough to win Rosie's giveaway for a Personal Planner. Meet my new baby.

Personal Planner, c/o (thanks to Rosie and her competition)

(Disclaimer- I won my planner, and was under no obligation to subsequently blog about it or, I'm just suitably pleased with my prize)

I opted for lists, training and squared note paper inserts. I resisted the urge to put it into German, mostly because their public holidays are different, and I really, really don't need the extra confusion. So far, I'm impressed. The binding is metal, good and strong, the paper is a nicely heavy weight, and the ability to personalise what actually appears on the page as much as the colours and photo cover are all winners, but hands down the best thing- being able to start your diary any month of the year. I won my planner in February, knew it would probably be here in time for early March, and ordered my planner to go March-March. No wasted pages, no having to skip through the first half of my planner before using it.

I've been doing a little shopping this week too. The first couple of months in my job were financially challenging for both T & I as we had a lot to juggle, the new year has finally allowed us to exhale a little, and for me to indulge... a tiny little bit.

My buy it better mind set is very important to me. It's been the turning point in my mentality not just towards my money and the things I spend it on, but also towards myself, my own worth and how I treat myself. My move towards purchasing better quality items, as I talked about here, is also about feeling more confident in myself and my appearance.

All that said, I have never ever claimed to eschew the likes of fast fashion, because it has it's own place and it's own use. Primark has been a god send for the clothes I cycle in (leggings, t-shirt plimsolls and lightweight waterproof jacket, FYI), and I have a super soft spot for a supermarket dress that I wear at least once a fortnight for work. And when I spied this near the check-out at Primark, I knew it was coming home with me.

Bag, Primark £12

I've been thinking of buying a new handbag that is a bit smaller than the one I use for work- which is a monster, and I probably will still save for something leather, and less fashion sensitive. But for £12, this ticks the current boxes, it's a nice flash of current with all the studs, and given that I only need to use a more 'normal' sized bag once or twice a week, I don't exactly feel guilty for buying something I didn't technically need.

In other news, I'm also having a total tech fail of late. My work laptop decided to blue screen of death me, more than once, my iPhone has had to go off to Apple to be fixed and my Kindle appears to be having a hissy fit too and my own laptop has long been on the decline . It has reaffirmed why I'm currently saving for an iPad, but in the mean time, don't be surprised if I'm just as absent as I have been... Hasta La Vista



daisychain said...

Ooh, I almost bought that bag today, love it x

Maria Fallon said...

That bag looks awesome, glad thing are settling down for you now :)

Maria xxx