Tuesday, April 2, 2013

5 Day Weekend

Growing up in the hospitality trade, I've never been madly enthused for Easter weekend, it tends to mark the beginning  of the season in the Lake District and usually means working your behind off. Now I'm not in trade, Easter for me, like many, is an opportunity to take some extra time off work without using up my precious holiday. I chose to take off the Thursday preceeding the double bank holiday and headed to Herefordshire to see my grandparents who spent (so they thought) the winter months out of the country.

(taken in August)

Orchard Cottage, Brobury

They do live in the most beautiful setting, and in between being pinned to the sofa with glasses of wine/being spoiled with beautiful food/doing a smidge of shopping I did take some pictures of the area. Sadly they're not as filled with beautiful colour as they might usually be due to the horrid horrid snow they have been happening, but a good representation of my weekend follows:

Kir Royale

T sketching

Purple Closed Crocus

Fluffy Leg Hen

LOOK- they're like fluffy trousers!

Grapes in a Glass
Jill had a senior moment with lunch.... 


And this was Easter Sunday Lunch by the way.

And a couple more of these finished everything off nicely. 

I hope you all had a nice Easter Weekend. I for one would like to turn back the clock as the working week has proved to be MENTAL.


ANNA said...

Sounds like a lovely Easter weekend and what a beautiful setting! :) xx

Maria Fallon said...

They really do live in a beautiful setting! Sounds like you had a good weekend, I agree with needing a pause button though!

Maria xxx

Samantha said...

Sounds like you had a nice relaxing time!