Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Budget Beauty Purchases- Part 2

At the weekend, I shared a few recent beauty essentials that have made up my edited routine since cycling and spring weather kicked into my life, which is great. But there's also a few more fun bits, that in some respects are just as ummmm... essential. Kinda....

Budget Beauty Cosmetics

From L-R

First up, this was a Groupon purchase. I got 2 of these packs for £9 including delivery. Divaderme Lash Extender are tiny little fibres in a mascara bottle with you brush onto wet mascara to add length and volume. I'm still giving this a super good trial, but so far so good, and definitely good value as the box inxcludes the Divaderme mascara as well as the fibre 'extender' for £4.50.

Divaderme Lash Extender and Mascara Duo

Can you tell I recently took advantage of the ELF 50% off sale?! These mineral lip tints have been a long time love, for a flash of colour, without the intensity of a lipstick, for those of us slightly less bold. This colour is a perfect pinky red, that I love for everyday. It's nicely moisturising which is a welcome treat after a windy cycle £1.75 at half price. The ELF Mineral Mist is another 50% off whim. I have a friend (the same one who set me onto Divaderme in fact) who swears by the Urban Decay All-Nighter product, but I object to the price tag. I do however, like something to help keep my make-up put for long days at work when I go straight off to play afterward.

Having given this stuff a go, I'm still not sure what to thing. Some plus points- it's super affordable at £3 (half price) and my make-up does seem to stay put, but the spray pump is a little aggressive, I have to hold it much further from my face than expected or it blasts some of my make up off. I'd say at half price, it was fairly priced, but I think I'll be continuing my experiments with this particular product type.

ELF Mineral Lip Tint

And lastly, a bit of Spanish luxe. These natural sponges are my favourite thing to wash away my day. I could technically have put these in my part one, as the live in the shower, but they're less a necessity and much more a 99c luxury that I always ask my parents to bring back a healthy stash whenever they're in Spain. A gentle exfoliant for my face and body. It also works on a harsher level with a scrub for the more desperate days.

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Maria Fallon said...

That Mineral Mist sounds bizarre! I need to try some Elf makeup, can't believe I have resisted for so long!

Maria xxx