Thursday, April 11, 2013

Chloe Likes To Eat...

Sometimes, it's true when they say if it isn't alright, it's not the end yet. Upon trekking out to Balham to use a Groupon voucher, and subsequently being turned away, T & I recently ate at Harrison's. And honestly, it's in many ways a good thing we were turned away from our planned destination, because we discovered somewhere we're already looking forward to returning to. These guys have excellent food, excellent cocktails and well exemplary services. The full works.



cheeseburger- every single bit as good as it looks!


Any bar that will serve me a dessert cocktail that is booze AND coffee in one glass, it's a hit with me


And check out the quite literally flaming chilli on T's cocktail?! 

So a few more reasons to check this place out, if you didn't have enough already: 

They do a happy hour 1700-1900 with half price food and drink

Our receipt for aforementioned and rather fabulous food and drink gave us a buy one get one free round of cocktails in their very swish bar downstairs

Did I mention the service was great? Friendly, helpful, couldn't do more for us, willingly volunteered all the very good value offers they were running....

I'm also reliably informed on Twitter that the ribs at the sister outlet, Sam's Brasserie are to die for, and kudos to a restaurant that is using Twitter to effectively interact with their customers, because they've been tweeting with me ever since I proclaimed love for the place. Check them out HERE and also their website HERE. Then go have a cocktail and try their food- and don't be fooled, the burger was fantastic (T & I both had one) but they also have a full menu of interesting and elegant combinations, if burgers and fries aren't your thing (FYI I'm not I can still be your friend if that is the case...). 

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Charlotte Sparkle said...

Wow that is some cheese burger.

I'm dieting at the minute and having just saw that juicy bad boy I could just murder one right now.