Thursday, April 18, 2013

Chloe Likes To Eat

After my fabulous brunch at Salvation Jane (remember THIS?), I had a bit of a lust for the yummy corn fritters that I had there, and also to try something different in the kitchen, so T & I embarked on making our own. I didn't originally set out to copy my brunch from Salvation Jane, but that's kind of how it ended.... it if ain't broke..... as they say....

Corn Fritters, Poached Eggs, Wilted Spinach, Salsa

Cooking Corn Fritters


These were super simple to make, which was a pleasant surprise, and I followed THIS recipe from The Londoner blog. Oh, and they aren't wrong when they say these are surprisingly filling either. This was a main evening meal, and we stupidly thought we might need a bit more, we were wrong, T ended up eating several for lunch the following day as we quickly realised we'd made too much! 

As you see, ours were served with crispy bacon, poached eggs and a small amount (ahem, left overs much?!) of spinach lightly wilted in lemon juice. I also added some Salsa, not homemade, but leftovers (again) from some nachos we had the previous week. 

All in all, an easy yummy meal, this really isn't desperately unhealthy either. Making it again, I'd definitely go lighter on the number of fritters, but when they're made from scratch as we did, there are no artificial nasties, and the only added fats are the small amount of olive oil they were cooked in. This makes an awesome brunch, and would be really nice for the likes of summer barbecues (provided the weather holds of course) as they could be premade and stored somewhere warm or premade and reheated. 

One word of warning for you.... prepare for the corn to get super hot and explode if the pan is too hot! Not quite popcorn, even more dangerous. 


Maria Fallon said...

Oh my god, that looks gorgeous!

Maria xxx

P said...

This look delicious!

The Pampered Sparrow said...

Why do I always end up on a blog post about food when I'm HUNGRY??!! Aaagh, this looks delicious Chloe. Yum! :D xx